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Firstly, all good beginnings and changes have been preceded by mayhem and utter hopelessness. The present US position as a leader and super power began right after the great recession in the late Thirties to be followed by the involvement in WW II, and the block politics which began right after the war. The Soviet Block in the beginning made strides in space and rocket technology, while the US was not far behind and followed it by a moon walk by human for the first time, though the Soviets were the firsts to enter space.

The race between the communists and capitalist resulted in huge spending on weapons, which itself gave a boost to armor industry, jet planes, rockets and space shuttles and stations. But the worst problem was the leak of nuclear technology from China, Soviet and US private players, who too cashed in on the deadly technology to amass wealth, now the situation is in grave danger with at least a dozen countries having nuclear weapons secretly or publicly. The economic burden of the arms race was the direct reason for the fall of soviet block at first, followed by now US and a number of European countries.

The hard earned funds was utilized for wars and arms , weapons and disastrous technology such as nuclear, hydrogen and so many chemical mass killing gases and so on. Had we been prudent in the utilization of the funds for the right causes of eliminating poverty and sharing the wealth among the poor countries and its people we would not have reached a stage of fear and anxiety for the future.

But as always it is never too late to make corrections, for that we need now is dynamic leaders, who are well entrenched with the present situation and get together in finding solutions for the man kind in, tackling global warming and more importantly the economic disasters, which might follow if we don’t listen to our own conscious and intuitions with an open mind and creative partnerships among the most developed and developing countries, instead of again going on with the wars, which are sheer waste of money and human lives and is not the way forward. We certainly is not in a position to ignore the plight of the vast number of people facing starvation and death, any human being with compassion can not ignore such a plight to almost 1/6 of our total world population of about 6 billion people.

It will be much easier if the world unites in its fight against poverty and deprivation instead of hate politics and hate religions. It was a comforting sight to read the world’s stock of rice is at the highest since 2002 hence, food shortage, unless not diverted for bio fuel, we can manage with out much of a trouble, and wheat position is not known but can not be that bad for the monsoon has been kind this year too, as far as India is concerned.

The correction in the market which was overdue has happened and is now [sunsex index] 8000 to 9000, which was the actual range before all the bulls and bears started their games, to end up back to the normal rating instead of the abnormal high that we saw.

The prices going down instilling a fear of a long term recession, I pray and hope is not true, the prices have only come down to a sane level, from the high abnormal rate of petroleum which went up to almost 150 to 160 dollars a barrel and now corrected itself to about 30 to 40 dollars a barrel, subsequently all the commodity price too has come down to normal level when the price of the petroleum was 30 to 40 dollars. As we all know the petroleum cost has a direct bearing on transportation cost, hence the rise and lessening of the cost according to the fuel prices ,as both has a dynamism between and is linked to each other.

Like wise cost effectiveness in China and India has a direct effect on European and US economy, as they had already off shored their service and day to day manufacturing to these cost effective and cheap labour countries such as India and China. Now reversal can only back fire on their already stressed economies. The dilemma faced by them now is many of their policies now are practically binding and a reversal will only have a bigger side effect on their respective economies. The availability of skilled and cheap labour along with the populace to support any business or manufacturing with competitive price and quality has began to show just as we have witnessed TATAS’ new car Nano, a scientific marvel not thought or tried before. This is the way forward whether the Europeans and Americans likes it or not. is really the fact they can not live without, nor can they challenge due to the simple numbers involved with the generation of employments will happen more and more as things so far very costly will come down drastically. No car maker can dream of selling a car with such quality and pricing any where else in the world.

These are the truths and ignoring it will only harm their economies, instead the time is for reconciliation and revaluation of relations competitiveness and preservation of the brains which flocked to higher paying countries from India, will start to sail back and the price for westerners will be utter loss, while our country can reap the benefit of reverse brain drain.

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