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As inhabitants who was born and brought up on the sea side of Calicut , our family always relished sea food, which was inevitable and the main dish for daily nourishment and health. Mainly fish caught by our fishermen who goes for fishing early morning to return with fresh catches of lobsters, Tuna, Prawns, along with sardines and a variety of small and big fishes, but as time went by we started to realize the cost of Lobsters, prawns and the most tasty stuff was rising on a daily base before it disappeared from the local markets to be exported for baffling prices, due to the low value of our Rupee added to the dollars’ high value in comparison, Europeans and Americans were paying, to get them all the nice stuff from around the world, we were surely excited of the brightening prospect in the beginning imagining good times for our fishermen, selling to those big exporters who was in the process making huge profits, sparing little for the fisher folks. This contradiction was the bigger shock than the feeling of let down.

As a result of the demand and supply mechanism, Lobsters and a huge quantity of prawns was being exported and was never appearing on the local markets. We ‘bloody Indians’ in their own language; don’t deserve to be served of such items, when their past masters are not getting their hand to it. So it went on eventually making us all forget about the taste of such ‘nutritious’ items gobbled up by the ever hungry guys of the west for whom dinner starts at 5pm to go on till the next morning just before the sun rises again in the process they can have alcohol and big parties every nights, sinning all the way till the morning.

Exceptions may be there like in all communities we find good and bad people Scandinavians and Russians are most cultured followed by Germans, French, and Italians, Spanish they need to have more calories than us due to their extreme weather, so to keep them warm they spend more calories and as a result like in Russia they need alcohol to keep them warm along with heavy and more intake, unlike in our country due to the moderate weather we only need less calories hence, are spending less on alcohol and Non vegetarian food.

The greatest sin and irony is that there are millions of people starving and dying out of hunger and thirst in Africa mainly, and almost all places except for the few exceptions, there are always guys who accumulates wealth ,any thing and every thing from all around the globe and was eating up the reserves with the life style of real barbarians, in comparison with only a handful guys who never ever did indulge in such luxury and open vulgarity in the presence of own children, who will definitely follow their parents. That perhaps explain the real reason behind the Muslims & ultra Hindus of late, hate about the Yankees, who openly indulge in acts not befitting to a true gentleman. They all hate to see western culture of ‘barring and whoring’ [The term used by sailors] and wild parities with drugs and drinks people tend to lose their control and sense to become beasts like.

Human relationships are sacred compassion and love which goes hand in hand with deftness and softness rather than the drunken beasts acts of making love violently and to prove their macho behavior, according to such barbarians is like ‘give the bitch a thorough bashing’ unlike the natural sacredness of love, [desire and liking for the opposite sex ]

And its ultimate expression of coupling companionship and such fruits of passion, giving and taking with the pleasures of love making, between the loving parents are the children and our future. But unfortunately, even a rape also may result in birth, very unfortunate of course, future of such kids is normally a psychological disaster, and will be as violent as the violent beasts. Where do we draw the line is the question. Open partying and drunken lovemaking among total strangers are all momentary pleasure and lasts only for minutes or hours but life lies ahead for the women at the receiving end and men who are selfish for he has nothing much to lose, while the women normally end up bruised and with an emptied feeling, after giving birth, may not be sure as to who the real father is, that’s the trouble of such life styles.

It was not surprising at all when I heard that almost majority of the teenagers in western countries does not know their fathers’ name. That according to me is the clinching evidence that all is not well in the so called developed countries.

Coming back to our original theme of the sudden availability of all those export items, now back in our local markets as my sisters who still lives at Calicut told the other day that fish has now got cheaper and all the catch is now available for our own consumption rather than feeding our past masters as a toast to their success in looting for hundreds of years.

I visited Kovalam recently and was surprised by the number which is still ok, as I found the tables at exclusive places for foreigners was as always filled ,due to their currency conversion fetches them royal life style here in India vs. the amount they have to spill out for the same life styles in their own respective countries. Considering the demand for the green buck still high, the only difference is the currency stability which is slowly tilting towards China and India as was rightly pointed out by Dr.Manmohan Sing the only King of economics among all his contemporaries.

Like the saying goes ‘every dog has his day’. Now is the time for India all over again and rightfully so for there is not a single country in the whole world who can match India when it comes to civilizations and cultural behavior and the most hospitable people among the whole world nations. Have you ever heard in India ‘throw out the British and American bastards’ never, after our independence six decades back, for that is called culture? They have a lot more ground to be covered before they are actually grounded.

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