Tuesday, March 3, 2009



The time is turning out to be most horrific with guns and heavy artillery becoming child’s play toys, available openly in quite a few countries like children’s toys. If a guy has a gun and with the number of neurotics out numbering sane guys all around the world you may get shot any where any time add to that, the mines and bombs, spread almost 1/6 of the land area, may be more, the most tragedy is that for an insane neurotic who needs treatment for mental imbalances are normally very intelligent and can cover up or mask their original self, on most occasions to most of the people, unsuspecting as they can act and behave impeccably there by, fooling the world. But in reality such characters are mostly cowards and with the most unsecured feelings or mental depression which also can activate a criminal who manages otherwise to act and behave normally, while the inner mind are poisoned with hatred for fellow human beings.

If one dwells deeper in to the psyche of terrorists. Most cases are drop outs with intelligence but bad temperament. Runaway, teenagers, without any knowledge of what they are doing, with least exposure or education as most of the cadre consists of teenage petty criminals who can be lured by any to convert them to be the worst criminals without knowing what is right and what is wrong hence the consequences. Once inside they are doomed and will not find a way out even if they change their minds, those fanatics who brainwash and make them even die for their so called liberation is in real satanic deeds. The job of their preachers becomes easier when they point out the destruction of their land and people by heavy bombardment done by US earlier by USSR, the communists non believers, but the fact is Russia too is full of believers majority are Christians. For a child it is enough to be convinced that they are on the side of god fighting the evil called Uncle Sam. They can be very easily brainwashed under such war atmosphere, while growing from a child to a young boy or girl, the trouble in the family between parents can have a huge impact on shaping the personality of young children. If we keep our petty quarrels not in the presence of the child can do wonderful result, in bringing up a disciplined and well mannered youngster. They have to be respected for us to expect their respect first.

The broken families or the sadists punishment meted out during childhood also may affect the young minds for ever. I saw that the boy hero of film ‘slumdog millioner’ was slapped by his father when the boy out of hunger and tiredness refused to meet the scribes. Though the boy was made to apologize and brush aside the fact of the slap, as for being naughty.
I am convinced enough to say that such punishment is not the way to bring up your children happy and independent. I certainly would have denied access of the media to my child, if and when he/she is seemingly not ready or prepared to face never ending media glare at such a tender age. The poverty in the house may have been the reason for the excited father, who wanted to take maximum mileage out of the success of his boy.

Children mostly are very reasonable if you have the patience to explain the reason, but without explaining the reality, if you punish the boy/girl by meting out bodily harm leaves them confused and left wondering where they went wrong. The idea of strictness and discipline is of course important but my suggestion is the way of dealing with them best is by giving practical advice and leave the decision making to them from their younger days itself. Parents can and must be firm at times but never ever harm a child by inflicting pain, which may have devastating effect on the psychology of the growing child.

The life of a person has become a gamble these days with majority falling unexpectedly by those mad and mentally sick guys who are terrorists. They need counseling and long term treatment to become a normal person. The age old practice of revenge is not the answer. Compassion, love and forgiveness are the virtues which only can help human beings survive. The American idea of killing 5 or 10 from the other side for each individual American killed, is utterly foolish as they keep doing it for the sake of number game but, the perishables mostly are very poor innocent people, those children left behind orphans are surely going to get revenge or die in the process. If and when a guy decides to get revenge even at the cost of his life turns out to be the most deadly terrorists for they will want to end it all if it is the end for them. We need noble and great statesmen to make a real difference to the situation by bringing all those warring factions under one umbrella and then try for a negotiated peace deal. We should not be thinking it as weakness if we try initiatives from any quarters in finding a just full and peaceful co existence. Let us all try for peace, UN more than any other organization can help in at least resolving the differences and cultural space and independence for all humanity who can be one and united and sharing fortunes and liabilities as one.

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