Tuesday, March 31, 2009



India in itself is so huge a mass of different cultured people speaking so many different languages, which has derived from Sankskrit, Urdu, Tamil and so many countless number of tribal languages mostly with script new and old. You have all the cultures and still have managed to unite as a country with the second highest population after China.

After independence in 1947 we have definitely come a long way in so many spheres but for the inequalities of the main states of UP, MP and Bihar as known earlier. We can see the richest or the poorest in all those three states, where unfortunately and deliberately by some made the people beggars while, only very few big guys alone indulging in luxury and politics. Unlike in almost all other Indian states we have seen the emergence of young educated middle class with the best values for life and society as a whole.

Thriving middle class, educated most of all, has to become the majority to be able to check and balance, also identify the wrong doers to punish them by voting them out of power, that exactly is the reason at least some parties are blocking the development by the most horrific goons culture prevailing, so that the people remain passive and dies out eventually.

It is high time that we demand from our elected representatives, while giving oath of office should also be made to sign a document stating his willingness to donate any funds later found to be in his custody or else where, belonging to him other than what actually has been shown while putting the papers in, and the people of India should own all such funds to be identified from different tax havens around the world. This is absolutely possible provided the people become aware of the genuine and committed personalities among our leaders. Left to each states to survive themselves almost all states in India is rich enough to survive alone, but for the above three states which eats up all the excess from the whole country.

It is high time that people react to the communal and regional manipulations to divide our populace among ourselves. Just remember that we have all lived together happily in the past and also can do so in the future only if we come out of our shell named bondage from the land lords. I sincerely hope the media succeeds in showing the culprits just as they are and expose their corrupt ways for the people to judge in the true sense with conscious.

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