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Wealth never ceases to exist but only changes hands, this is the truth. All through out the history of mankind we can see that richness always changes hands without any one ever expecting it to go or come as un invited as it may disappear also before we realize it is gone. In normal circumstances it has not stayed for more than 3 generations in a single family.

The ultimate truth is that a person who is miserly will be able to accumulate wealth due to his very nature ,he seldom spends, even for necessities , but saves penny by penny and makes a fortune by living his life as miserly as possible even starving at times to save little by little and it becomes a habit. For such a person the thought of spending money just for having fun is un imaginable and is sheer waste , while for a spend thrift, the fun lies in spending what ever he has, unlike the misers who is all for savings alone.

Under normal circumstances we can observe that a miser’s son or daughter will inevitably become a spendthrift, this very nature is due to the cravings one goes through while witnessing others having all the fun, while you are blocked mentally by your miserly father/mother from spending and always is advised to save and save alone.
Suppressed feelings are like the pressure cooker, when steam is not allowed to escape which itself creates heat and pressure on all sides and if the lid gives away the steam will escape with such furious pressure, which can even move a train, as with steam engines technology. Like wise a person with cravings and desires accumulates the pressure over the years and as and when given a chance, he is bound to free all his suppressed feelings and desires. As a result we can observe that a miser’s son/daughter is bound to spend heavily if given a chance, or after he is survived and becomes independent. This very nature in real makes the third generation becomes beggarly because the miser’s son has spent all the money and normally leaves behind nothing but liabilities, unlike the miser who leaves behind a fortune, for his spendthrifts, who will experience the money gone in no time.

Out of the beggars again a miser will rise up to lead a miserly life again to accumulate wealth. This cycle goes on and on as can be witnessed invariably in majority of cases under study.

That is the very reason for the time cycle of 3 generations for making and losing the wealth. Even the mughal , emperor’s , the decline started exactly by the third generation by the time the graph had started to come down. This is the ultimate truth. So to find a balance, so that you are neither a miser nor a spendthrift is the right way to go, also the right advices to be given to our dear children. Just make sure that you are in the middle and not on the extremes.

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