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Apart from the planets which are comparatively nearer to earth may be in hundred thousands of kilometers away from our planet earth. But sun is again much far away in millions of kilometers but we can feet the heat here in our dear earth to such extremes that people die of sun strokes and over exposure in the summer in most part of desert countries, to name a few the middle east and north African countries and so many other desert like landscapes all around the world. Life is unbearable during summer as the heat level is increasing year after year due to razing down of green cover, and worlds most life preserving forests is disappearing in such frantic phase that human beings are at lose to find ways and means of checking this abnormal situation.

But in my view nature has a balancing circle of climate changes to take care of any difference in the atmosphere and the natural balancing acts takes place such as heavy and abnormal rains for months may result in cooling the earth, which precedes warming and engulf of fire and heat, which again makes the earth take corrective measures such as heavy cloud formation due to increased water evaporations a direct result of acute global warming. My point here is that humanity and our measures have gone perhaps beyond control for the Mother Nature herself to take the corrective measures.

Our clues to the beginning of universe saying about the big bang and the contractions followed by revulsions all sound simple, but can not be scientifically explained as of now. The fact of the distance of the trillions of stars visible to the naked eye is of the period millions of years ago and the present location can not be calculated thoroughly unless we are able to travel, our telescopes, more than the speed of the light reaching us traveling at the speed of light rays or light years as it is mentioned. The star we see now may be billions of miles away in real live situation ,because we are seeing the image left millions of years ago to reach the earth by traveling at light speed and still makes it millions of years , do imagine the distance of such stars from earth and the volume of our universe which includes all the constellations black holes so huge, invisible to our sight because light does not escape from the gravitational pull of the black hole that the light which enters inside will never find a way out to reflect on our eyes or sight. The fact is we still don’t have the technology enough to monitor any of the stars from close quarters so as to know what exactly is going on and the volume and measurement of cycles followed by nature as a whole and the very existence of people like us thinking and living all our lives and still does not get many answers to our mother earth itself, is mind boggling and belittle our guys who declares they have it all.

To get at least a vague idea our Sanskrit scriptures provides more light in to the subject than any other culture any where in the history of mankind. Moderns Astrology is nothing but the duplicate clone of our enormous insight in to the subject called universe, study of cosmology, astrology and astronomy was prime quality only in Sanskrit ,as has been proved over thousands of years,when the western world denied the very shape of the earth till modern times and even killed a guy who suggested the world is like a globe.

They could not clearly fathom the extent of intelligence and mathematical ability of our scriptures which are genuinely scientific to the core. I saw in Hindu News paper {some guy named Hassan or so] that our modern culture is only about 3000 years old, Rubbish thought without any substance, for he has pointed to lack of evidence to prove cultivation and agriculture land existed before such time, according to him existence before that period of 3000 years, is being suggested as stone age. We can only say he is negligent and only a product of limited knowledge. We have evidence to prove even about metallurgy, the process of making metals such as gold, silver etc for Ramayana, Mahabharata, enlightens the jewels and glitter of metal times Sri Krishna lived during Dwapara Yuga, the number of years in each Yuga has been dealt by me in my earlier blog ‘solitairebala’ in Google, under the title of Brief history of Mankind as per Sanskrit.

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