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Christianities’ role in uplifting tribal lives in India has been a glorious story, the social status of the most backward Indians was seen to have converted and made to toil for an upright living no matter which fields they choose. Education was the main tool used by putting in systems and institutions around the globe did help in numbers of educated youth getting higher and higher. The talents were identified to maximum levels and gave education perhaps a little materialistic out look prevails the half hearted approach in any religion may result in such materialistic per suits. Other wise the story has been a great success especially in Kerala [For the first time an Indian Sister Alphonsa has been rewarded posthumously the sainthood status].

In my mind I am sure the conversions of tribal development has no harm in it, and I fail to understand the ultra Hindu’s who are against it is clearly playing for vote bank politics, only acting for selfish politics or for want of suppressing the downtrodden by higher caste hindus’ perhaps. In any case it is highly intriguing to see the 5 percent Brahmins out of the 1.20 billion holds almost a mind boggling guess which is about 95 percent of the government jobs being held till recently as a couple of decades back, by the 5 percent. Now at least things are beginning to change in India except for mainly the earlier big states of M.P, U.P and Bihar.

The social revolutions have to take place otherwise people will lose faith in god himself leave alone the governments. But the fact that it is taking awfully long, as we would have cherished the thought of seeing the reality changes on the ground in real measures. There are naturally people who don’t want to share but those are selfish guys who don’t deserve any sympathy.

I have high respect and regards for some individuals especially, who is keen on putting the records straight for the benefit of the mass around the globe. Having spent considerable years in Nagaland in India I have seen the efforts of a Christian Missionary by accident, an American who lost all his family in a ship wreck near present day Kolkatta and as the lone survivor he thinks that his life was saved by god to change him and his outlook and spends the rest of his life for the up liftment of Nagaland and the tribes who were bafflingly backward just like our US American Red Indians ,he succeeds in turning them to good Christians and most of all cultured and educated youth working for the society along with their own families.

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Appreciation of good work has to be admitted honestly as encouragement for good deeds among humanity.

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