Wednesday, April 29, 2009



As a person I have undergone hell during my 48 years. In different locations under different situations when depression becomes our companion for life, especially men or women with responsibilities, some times also due to financial woes and the need to earn bread for your family will inevitably eat up your time and energy to the hilt in some instants to the extreme edge, when some even think of ending life as an escape route, it may look and experience, as if there are no end to ones blues and bad times, at times out of job for no fault of yours.

Those are the exact times to mingle with girls ,if possible in gangs as they can get you out of the blues instantly by their presence and laughter and the smiling faces are enough in 99 times out of 100, to change your moods to positive energy and creativity. I have real life experience and sex is the last thing in my mind. Just being with them makes me forget all my blues. There are days on which on incidentals makes you meet women and if you are able to talk to them for 5 minutes of just silly weather talk or juicy stuff about other women can actually have a real life effect of lifting you and your spirits.

Music, Films all creates such highs to your mind and conscious but the most practical inexpensive and exhilarating experience is for me talking to girls pretty or even otherwise. They are certainly tuned better for the blues and tough times as they normally take life momentarily which is the only way of living for a better living by leaving all your worries of past or future. Our latest Guruji Sri.Sri.Ravisankar of ‘the art of living’ has pointed out that the only way of surviving is by not worrying too much about your past or future as god has already made out a plan for you to follow and you will have to face all the music called life experiences good bad and ugly. But to think of having a no way out will be more disastrous way of giving up only due to despair is the most cowardly act a person can do as in majority of the cases we have found, it was after all for good only, which has lead us in setbacks, as we may think but to be proved as the biggest opportunity in ones life when you think back in hindsight after a few years.

So guys don’t worry, all you to do is have girls around to lift you up, spend time with them they have this mantra called liveliness and seeing them giggle is enough for most guys. Perverted ones with weird childhood and un- natural or for that matter according to ones inclinations the cases may differ and may not have the effect cited above in such circumstances, in such cases they may choose their partners and spend times together.

Women are best equipped for survival and are happy most times, unlike men like me who takes things too seriously and spoil my own mood and turn myself towards depression. This is also having a negative effect on the persons surrounding me as well, which is a crime. We must try to radiate positive side rather the half filled glass than the half empty side.

Mistakes and misfortunes are part and parcel of all lives no man or women is perfect, what ever you make your life to be will remain as it may but if you can make that little difference to lift up people during their bad times is the righteous way of living.

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