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As a stressful bank employee, I have seen the devils of money laundering and the most corrupt people of India. I have this first hand experience of seeing and observing all throughout my 21 years tenure, during which I worked from Nagaland down to the southernmost tip of Kerala.

As the matter is very sensitive and needs absolute confidentiality, I can only wonder why work for the most corrupt? Why not quit and look for some other job, which though may not fetch much and there will be also a lack of security in times of recessions and depressions. Firstly, I will be relieved of the stress of working, where there is money involved, and for the same reason as custodians we have to be on our toes all throughout.

When I joined a bank it was then considered as the most sought after job in India and the aura of being a bank employee was regarded very high perhaps even now. But my brother in law who too was a banker advised his daughters not to join banks as he had suffered so much, a little at least, due to his own temperament but in majority of cases, he was put through untold sufferings by his management, which ultimately resulted in a suspension followed promptly by a bye pass surgery.

The ground of his suspension was that he had advanced to a fictitious guy according to his rival manager, the bank to without verifying suspended him immediately, but the truth came out eventually and though the bank took him back, the damage has been done and he became an innocent person who was made to go through hell, any humanitarian watchdogs certainly would have got him compensation, had he fought further. But due to his daughters who were both studying engineering, he suffered silently until the stress got the better resulting in heart attack.

In my case too, I had to go through hell due to my very nature of honesty and commitment towards our customers, for whom I always lend my supporting hand and they all loved me for being a gentleman who gives the quickest possible service in our retail outlets called branches. This not only made those ‘chamchas’ and ‘kamchores’ as told in Hindi for those ,who are parasites and survives without working by indulging in such activities to please their bosses. Some don’t mind working in the kitchen of his boss to please him at times also can be seen doing the brokers job for elevation in life by way of promotions. The best qualities needed in these cases are the ability to work in the kitchen of his bosses, while errand running and in some cases even pimping for his bosses.

If you are an upright person who is not willing to compromise on your principles and virtues such as honesty, sincerity and the refusal of sops for the work we are supposed to do honestly and to the best of ones capacity, then you are bound to remain at the bottom as ninety percent of the people are corrupt in today’s world. Naturally you also will have to face the wrath of such guys if you happen to stand in the middle denying him an opportunity for a quick buck.

But my strength always was the truth and the truthful 10 percent who is still willing to stand by you to face the music together. God also plays his own chess games with people always reminding them of the futility of a sinful life. Though, at times I have had to take harsh beatings, I have always bounced back with strength after each such setback in my 48 years of life.

Even when the whole world may seem against you on some occasions, providence alone saved me from certain death at least a dozen times in my life. In rare cases the most acutely planned and exercised ambush got destructed even before I realized what was about to hit me. Such occasions gave me more strength just because I know god is with me. Every person dies once but cowards dies thousands of times before his actual death, due to the very fact that they are feeling insecure due to the crime behind each fortunes made. The curse will definitely follow because Truth will have the support of God almighty the greatest balancer of lives.

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