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I have been through the worst period in life since last couple of months when suddenly, my bosses’ takes a ‘u’ turn in my case as a heart patient who has reached the fag end of his life.

First breach came when I pointed out certain irregularities, in planning and execution of our system changes. Any layman with common logic will certainly go for the best in terms of network and software used for our bank which then had about 1350 branches all around the country but majority in West Bengal, North East and Orissa.

Once the settlement was reached between the Unions and management after years of negotiations for getting our branches fully computerized and subsequently to be networked so as to make it CBS Branches, which means a customer who is holding an Account any where in the Country will be able to do banking and access his account from any where in the country where we, our bank, has a branch.

Those who came out with a solution and choose the right software especially foreign banks who were the late entrants to our country along with the new generation banks reaped the harvest, of having a network of branches in important towns, as our management was sitting in their respective Offices waiting for their day of reckoning, which is their retirement day.

Our Recruitment was banned for some years and as a result of the status of our bank as one of the weakest after the prudential accounting norms were introduced in the Nineties, we only had old guys with obsolete mind tuned to our working culture of ledgers and ledger keepers. Though other Nationalized banks were quick to recoup and made their of Virtual Private Network on war footing, as our old guys who were sitting pretty with out any job as majority of our funds were kept in Government Securities with out lending and the earnings out of Govt. Bonds doesn’t need so many officers, as any 8th std guy could have done the same for almost a decade. Even as our fellow bankers were seen recruiting fast of youngsters who are more tuned to the systems and networking still our big bosses were sleeping and refused to act. Corruption and fixing each other in traps were the order of those days resulting in chaos and utter mismanagement and their blunders till our first VRS batch, employees who left out in masses with what ever money was offered to them out of sheer frustration of the in action and delayed decisions so bafflingly slow as years went by, and every guy was aware that out of the employees left almost one third officers were old and was retiring in 2008 alone. Only such a scenario made our biggest guys to open their eyes and make some intake which in itself was in sufficient and to add on to our woes out of those 300 new Officers who joined I am told only 100 is with us as others have gone to greener pastures once they realized that ours is a Bengali Bank with the out look still that of a man in his Sixties and the top bosses were almost one hundred percent Computer illiterates. They simply refused to move out and make way for the youngsters who are experts in networking and CBS. Those unfortunate ones who dared to point out the mistakes were either ‘fixed’ or kicked out as our management never wanted to listen to better sense or common sense.

In my case too I was targeted for having pointed out our banks flaws and corrective measures on war footing was needed instead they targeted me personally and has ever since been after me and I was told by some of our union big wigs that they have decided to kick me out un ceremoniously and as a first measure started to bounce my cheques.

I have enough proof to move my case to an authority or a human rights watch dog and get compensation for my family who may suffer due to my ill health or demise. It became clear that instead of addressing our woes they were more interested in removing those who points out their mistakes. Having the proof of number of new quality accounts opened in the last 5 years, I wanted Comparisons with those who were promoted while as one of the leading quality accounts opener in last 5 years I was alone rejected. So it is clear that performers will be given a kick in the back, while those without the backing of performance are given promotions.

But the serious issue is the denial of funds even on medical grounds, proves the attitude of our bosses who are keen on not saving lives but is deliberately causing constraints to those sincere employees, who may be unfortunate and not in very good shape healthily due to their very nature of sincerity and commitment towards their institution and customers.

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