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Dilemmas in life and times of Sri.Buddha.

As a person he faced some baffling truths and acted against his conscious, just because he did not want to be seen rude or impolite. For instance once he was treated by a tribal leader, who brought all the best of meats to provide Sri.Buddha a giant of a feast, as appreciation and as a good host, he was only showing his gratitude and likeness for the great Sri.Buddha, but unfortunately Sri.Buddha was a pure vegetarian, who was in fact preaching ‘AHIMSA’ means total peace among all the species in the world without any hurt. But the fact that his host will be offended if he is seen not eating, according to the man the best ever meals served on earth. The same happened to Sri.Sankaracharya, as well and he was told to have tasted human flesh, just for the sake of being polite to a good host.

He was born a prince in present day North India, his name then was Sri.Siddhartha and he had been just blessed with a child, who was only 1 year old, but his mind was else where, he wanted to venture out for helping humanity, which too during those periods, must have been so fractionalized, perhaps even more so now. He not only succeeded in establishing Buddhism in the world. Asia was completely covered with majority of the population in India and abroad was so much influenced by his forthright views on “AHIMSA” the main theme, in Buddhism is avoiding all types of physical or mental torture of all living beings was the basic theory, which was accepted all over as the most sensible of the views among humanity. Live and let live for all forms of species in the whole world. That was the base of sensible culture, different from almost all religions of that period, Even our fore fathers, too are told to have been accepted Buddhism as a theory worth following, till the birth of Sri.Sankaracharya at Aluva, in Kerala ,succeeded in reconverting of all those Buddhist under one umbrella in India and thereby, revived the almost wiped off Hinduism by giving rebirth to the science and most scientific culture under the sun. Hinduism, has been an experience with reality, for the human kind though, some don’t understand the theories behind those VEDAS and UPANISHADS, but those who knows Sanskrit well, will be able to illuminate the subject of VEDAS and UPANISHADS [One Scholar now alive and presently considered an authority among the contemporary Scholars is surely, Dr.Gopalakrishnan of IISH. [Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage].

To compare, I am in fact only just another guy, who too had to taste snails, only because my Naga friend, while I was in Nagaland, also was being a very good host by providing me dog meat, cat meat and snails along with local brew liquors and out of sheer dilemma, I took a snail and breathed in while, I was actually supposed to have sucked in the content from the snail shell, cooked off course. Though, I eat non vegetarian food as chicken, fish, mutton, also had to survive eating beef and pork, available in abundance in Nagaland. Sri.Buddha was said to have taken ill after the above mentioned last supper and did not survive illness, in my case nothing of that sort happened, though my cholesterol level went sky high over a period of almost eight years and resulted in a young age heart attack.
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