Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Man has been made or have evaluated as a so called ‘thinking creature’. That does not in any way mean other creatures are not thinkers. They too have thoughts of a different kind perhaps. Their wave length as we call is also much higher than man. We have seen the fact that animals do understand, the upcoming natural disasters better than man kind ever was. For instance cockroaches comes out in numbers when an earth quack is about to happen. If we are good readers of nature and its habits, simple one is the one that we all know, clouds formation results in rain. Likewise we can actually feel the earth better if we put our thoughts in that direction instead of being naïve towards our surroundings.

I started this process of learning from the nature from tribes, who are more inclusive in the nature, unlike the city dwellers that can not even read the direction of simple north, south and time according to the suns’ direction above our head. Once you are engrossed in nature then you will start hearing the birds and the sounds of different creatures at different times and places. If you observe deeper the birds’ cries can give you an indication of imminent danger nearby such as snakes or other deadly animals. Birds do convey alarms among them easily, but we fail to understand due to our ignorance and the so called superior thought process that we are told to be having, and in the process miss out on the imminent danger nearby at times, costing us our life.

The basics remain the same. How ever progressive one might call oneself. The Natures’ basics are still the same. Rains, thunders, lightening, earth quakes, tsunami, and volcanoes. The degree of frequency of such natural disasters has been on the rise since last few decades, if we take the past on random basis. That is the reason all the more to concentrate on our basics first and foremost for the very survival of life on earth. Development in terms of industrialization alone will prove to be the worst blunder, if we fail to address the changing earth and the disasters, which are now, very common than the common cold.

Our thoughts now should be more towards preservation of earth at least as it was a couple of decades back. In terms of forest cover, rivers, streams and lakes should be cleaned on war footing to make it drinkable to the maximum level possible by our efforts. According to me preservation should be now more prioritized than our thoughts on falling economies. Falling economies are only the result of accumulation of wealth by very few, while the majority is denied access to good food or water. That nature will take its own corrective measures for the culprits as we have just witnessed.

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