Friday, May 8, 2009



Ah what an irony? We needed an Englishman to show our greatest cultural belief of “satyameva jayathe” which if translated in to English reads as ‘Truth alone triumphs”.

Slumdog millioner , was a treat to watch as the drama unfolds to be of one greatest suspense thriller than any contemporary movies. Perhaps “sholay” too might fit in to our minds as an epoch of a movie. The reality strikes on the bulls’ eye and the director could not have been more forthright than what he has shown. It did convey the greatest of all SATYAMS. The real country and the life has been depicted just the way we saw our youth in an emerging India about a couple of decades back and similarities of Bachan movies are unmistakable and as a Bachan fan, who grew up traveling throughout India of the Eighties and Nineties clicks the right chord in ones mind of our younger days and for a whole generation we have known Bachan movies just as like our Harry Potter generation of the present.

The name ‘slumdog’ might be little disturbing for our elite, who has slammed the movie as just one among so many alike. But watching the girl waiting for young Jamaal, as a child in the shade from the brutal rains, and ultimately sitting tired to be invited in to the shade in spite of his elder brothers order not to do so, was exactly the time when the name meant its meaning to be conveyed, could not have been a more refined word so as to be solace for all and sundry. The director was showing and conveying a strong message for our own elite to think about and do something about it. Or just another futile exercise which is not enough to move the hard nuts who does not get cracked that easily.

What ever be the arguments, the fact and truth is that “truth can not have been more stranger than fiction story”. There is a dog eating dog world out there or rather man eats man times in reality.

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