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Sunday, 01 June 2008 00:00
Indian Heritage on science and technology has a history of not less than 5000 years starting from the subjects of mathematics, astronomy, geometry, health science, food science, yoga, Metallurgy (science of metals), space science /air crafts technology, plant science and so on. There are thousands of books catalogued by different organizations and institutions in India and abroad, which are presently available either in the printed form or as manuscripts in palm leaves.

This history record, starts from Vedic period. The mathematics and astronomy were dealt together in hundreds of text books written in Sanskrit and in regional languages.
Mahabhaskareeya, Laghubhaskareeya, Vateswara Siddhanta, Bruhat samhitha, Sidhanta siromony and many similar books still available in the printed form with English commentaries. They give the subject matter qualitatively and quantitatively at par with the modern developments.

The books on health science, Charaka Samhita, Susrutha samhitha, Ashtanga hrudaya and so on written many thousand years ago are the part of curriculum in more than 300 ayurveda colleges in India and more than one hundred institutions outside India.

Indian heritage on the metallurgical sciences (loha thanthra, rasa saastra and so on) also goes back from the period of Yajurveda. Many ancient textbooks describe the rasa sastra and artha saastra giving detailed descriptions on the ores, minerals and methodology of extraction and purification of metals and their compounds, which has been supported by the archeological evidences.

Indian technological heritage has vast area of knowledge from metallurgy, ceramics, glass, textiles, furnaces, leather, civil engineering and architecture, granite and marble, and so on. These are clearly demonstrated in ancient Indian books, cave temples, temples, forts, palaces, etc..

Indian approach to management is described in detail in Bhishma Upadesa, Vidura Upadesa, Sukra Neethisaara, Bharthru Hari neethisataka, Chanakya neetisaara, Bhagavath geetha, Yoga Vasishta and so on.

The Indian approach to management is an integrated approach looking into physiological, psychological, family - society and national aspects.

Indian spirituality has become the absolute truth and facts for the western world which was wandering after the Semitic religious messages got evacuated from the western scientific mind.

Indian mantras, Upanishads, Vedas, spiritual darsanas, pranayama and customs and rituals are being accepted after systematic scientific analyses, by the developed world. The messages of Indian Rishies are also being accepted when they visit abroad for showering the messages of Lokaa: samasthaa: sukhino Bhavanthu and love and affection without religious convertion.

IISH workers are excited to see and know that world over particularly in the most developed countries like USA, Canada, European countries, Australia and so on the Indian mathematics, metallurgy, health science, ayurveda, yoga, mantras, music, vedic mathematics, New Age Therapies, vegetarian foods, family system, rituals and customs are being accepted with utmost sincerity and devotion.

We the mission oriented workers are sure that you will also get attracted to the messages of Bharatha, by yourself, when you devote a small part of the time for this mission of learning and teaching. Looking forward and welcoming you to this mission !

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