Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank god there is at least one lady with conscience against Dow Chemicals.

Out of the so called committee consisting of twelve members who in spite of Amnesty International's reservations about a company which has not yet paid for the thousands of lives lost due to their negligence, still chose the same company called Dow Chemicals [The name change was done to fool the public as it was known in the name of Union Carbide then.],as the official sponsor for London Olympics,there was none who questioned the ethics or rationale behind roping in Dow , who was responsible was the worst human made disaster resulting in deaths of more than twenty thousand people and indirectly effected millions since last couple of decades, after the atomic bombs that must have been the worst man made tragedy. This again proves the fact that you can make money by hook or crook and use the same as weopen to cleanse the minds of snobbish elements, now called the elite,who don't care the source of wealth made or the ethics involved or in the righteousness in their process of money making,all they care is their sporting events, while there are millions facing deaths due to lack of food and water. This has no relevance for those people at all.It was a pleasing sight to hear that a Lady resigned from her post from the committee due to her guilty feeling. It is reassuring to see at least one person with conscience in these times of sinners.

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