Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The new era of our great Indian history has begun with the Anna movement and the repercussions aftermath.We can not allow the situation to drift any longer, lest people forget the importance of the pressure already created.We have now seen the guys who were vehemently opposed to the idea of an independent authority. They are the very ones who stands to lose hence,the adamant attitude and the drama of the drafting the bill on their own, to suit their master plan, which was to shelve the momentum.Their assets has to be evaluated now, along with their immediate relatives or cronies.

For example, I can site the houses built by the top guys of the communists' in Kerala & Bengal,the so called patriots, leave alone other parties such as the Congress,BJP & other Regional parties, all of them have amassed wealth [immovable properties and stashed away funds] which in itself is worth Billions of Crores{Rupees}. The question is where did they get the money from? We have seen majority of them, all starting very poor and in few years, they could build houses like palaces along with land either grabbed, while they were in power or purchased with illegal means. The same is the case with so many other politicians, bureaucrats, Judiciary & their cronies in the corporate world.

They have to show the source of their income, and if found guilty of wrong doing or they are unable to give their accounts and source, then it could be confiscated by giving notice to them to show cause and let the law of our land begin to function with out any bias or any further nexus among them, allowing them to get away without any punishment.

The Tax havens too should be asked to give notices to their account holders,[Just as was done by our Reserve bank of India by invoking 'Know Your Customer'norms very strict] by our Supreme Court or other competent institutions, to show their source and identity. If they fail to turn up or refuses to give details, then those funds becomes unclaimed, which automatically should be brought back to the nation of its origin because it belongs to the nation as a matter of rightful ownership.

Like wise it is high time we introspect about the prospect of all mining activities along with illegal encroachments of our public land or forests by people with political compliance, may loot all our resources with in no time with out any contribution of such proceeds to our exchequer , more over the very fact is that, India alone is indiscriminately using up our fossil fuel,iron and rare earth minerals so fast , while other big countries like USA,China & Russia is most prudent in their approach to such factors, as they keep their reserves intact while, importing minerals and fossil fuel cheaply from India,middle east and other developing countries in Africa and South America.

Our government should wake up to these real truths and start to take action transparently with out any further delay.Other wise it will be great injustice to our future generations as they will be left with nothing but deserts and huge craters. Vegetation and all valuable minerals along with rare earth and fossil fuel disappearing from our dear land will be disastrous for our future.The mining mafia has to be checked in their nefarious activities urgently.

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