Friday, August 19, 2011


It was very sad to note how our politicians change colour after elections.During elections they are all very humble,polite and humility personified.Once the elections are over they change overnight to become unreachable, arrogant and treats the people especially the poor, with utter contempt,while giving red carpet welcome to corporate bigwigs,big business guys and all those who matter in their scheme of things to make a quick buck.

It was disgusting to watch the attitude of people like Manish tewary, Kapil Sibal and Chidambaram all acting and giving lecture to the very own people who sent them to parliament, as if they are students who had to be taught lessons. By quoting a few sections of the Indian penal code they, declare that it is due to the ignorance of the people about the law of the land,that people like Anna Hazare is not understanding because he is not a lawyer and does not even possess a University Degree to understand the law of the country.

Their arrests and release of this simple and most noble man is the biggest slap on the face of our so called democracy and the question of the fundamental right of any citizen to protest peacefully. It has been proved beyond doubt that they are using their power to demonize and scare people not to raise their voices. If they do then the result will be as being in the case of an unarmed old Gandhian whose only intention was to inflict pain on himself, by fasting for the benefit or the larger interests of our majority among the poorest, as their survival is the hardest fight against all odds,due to the lack of sense , accountability and sensibilities of a government which has been the worst seen in terms of large scale looting. Scam after Scam was reported almost on daily basis amounting to millions of crores. The cover up effort of the ruling government is being questioned by even our supreme court. Now they are also raising the question of the supreme court order and according to them they only can order inquiries.{which they don't want to do, to save themselves who are the biggest thieves.]

The accused in scams also said the same that CAG consists of Accountants and do not know any thing about Indian Penal Code and so on. But the answer to all the above is that you don't need a University Degree to understand the difference between the Bribe and Fees. Donations and Tuition fees. People are not fools to believe the defense of the thieves and the rhetoric of the defendants,just the same as in a legal court where, they might get away arguing or bribing their way through the mess of their own creation. Even an illiterate person can tell and see the difference between a noble man and a con man.

It was a blunder from our prime minister who too was declaring in the parliament, that they are supreme. But the fact remains ,just as our legal expert Mr.Nariman pointed out correctly, who too is considered , and rightly so, a very good legal brain in our country, that the people of the country is supreme all others are the result of the decision of the people by majority.

The situation during election was entirely different and all the scams , with monumental loss to the exchequer came out in the open after the elections. So rightly people are agitated when they see the government do nothing, while the big ministers are seen defending their supremacy against the people's will.

Our constitution as stated by Mr.Nariman,starts with the words "We the people of India" all others are their servants and nothing more. The will of the people must be the final verdict. Now the people have shown their loss of faith in those elected by them a couple of years back.Now they wanted them to go out by resigning or face the wrath of the country who will throw them out if they refuse to quit.Or accept their blunders with humility and apologies then follow it up by doing what is necessary in the current situation as per the people's wish and will.

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