Monday, February 23, 2009



The most important aspect in gloom has always been opportunities, new and hidden, on most occasions people tend to bypass such openings during good times due to their lack of need. On the other side people starts to look at things differently, when faced with adversity or when cornered to the wall and out of sheer necessity they some how will find ways to come out of the mess each time we face such climate in life.

The idea must be to cater to the growing needs of the jobless and the need for the countries to revive their sagging economies. There will always be men of enough flexibility to look at things differently and come out with ideas to conquer in adversity.

The greatest melt down also promises the greatest of remedies and better alternate way of functioning, taking in to consideration the need of ecological balance as one should not be directing towards destruction of nature, which exactly was the reason why Americans took such a harsh beating, as they were the ones who were directly pitched against nature as the worse polluting among our worlds so called developed countries with the least thought for the effects of such living to our future generations. This has been a rude shock and time for realization as to where exactly they went wrong, and to reflect up on the remedies urgently needed for the sake of humanity as a whole. While the humanity is struggling to survive even after the only beings with so called rational thoughts and brain, which at times exposes our blunders and those guys who admit their blunders are most likely to come out with answers than those who live in denial of their own mistakes and refuses to accept their own blunders trying to justify their actions instead of accepting the mistakes graciously to think out for solutions. Tough times are surely going to bring out the toughest in to the forefront of damage control exercises.

The greatest challenge will be to find out the extent of real damage only then can we actually measure up to the remedial antidotes. By the end of this fiscal we will be more or less sure about the extent of losses, and I reckon by May, June we will be on our way for revival and the worst will be behind us by then.
For Indians majority is always struggling to make the two ends meet hence, it wont be much of a problem here in India especially for the farmers, who are tuned and used to live and survive among the harsh weather and lost harvest every once in 3 years or 5 years. So the truth is that we are already best equipped to live even with one meal a day or maximum 2 meals a day is the amount of intake for almost 60 to 70 percent of Indians. That too is bare minimum such as dry roti; if the guy can afford dal then he is comparatively well off. [Hindi word for bread]. On the other side people of the developed world spend for their drinks alone per day ten to twenty US dollors which are enough for our farmers to live happily for a month feeding the whole family in the process. But those top ten percent, including our politicians, who like parasites, have been living and getting richer year after year at the cost of our poorest. For those unfortunate people the lord has come out punishing the richest worse than the poor, as things cannot go any more worse for them, as they are already at the rock bottom ,and if any change happens, it will either be good times for them or they might perish helpless. But God has mercy on the poorest and time will prove the wisdom of living righteously.

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