Sunday, March 31, 2013

Science behind the way of living in India.

Looking at the way of living of Indians so much can be learned by the people who are far away from India but still need some explanation to convince themselves of the scientific reason behind all the rituals and practices in various parts of India.

For an Atheist it may look rubbish stuff, but for those inquisitive and laymen it is not only their beliefs but the fact of science. Here I am giving below a few reasons which will convince the majority. For others it is bad luck and see you next time.

Firstly, I must enlighten those who take our scriptures as fiction or myth.This can be countered by seeing the roots of Parasurama in Kreta yugam or Sathyayugam [called so due to the reason that in those periods 100% of our people were honest righteous hence, the name Sathyayuga] The visible signs and places are almost still intact over or under the sea even today.

Secondly, comes the Treta yuga , during Ram , Laxman & Sita's period ,there too People were about 75% honest and righteous. The places and names mentioned here too is intact and can be seen today as well.

Thirdly, came the Dwapara Yugam when almost 50% people only were honest and righteous,The time of SriKrishna there again the places mentioned are still to be seen underwater , Dwaraka near the Gujarat Coast line and the satellite pictures proves it was the Saraswati River bed , but later the river was told to have changed course or dried and the flow in still happening under earth perhaps.

After the demise of Srikrishna Kaliyuga started,about 5000 years ago when almost 75% people are corrupt.

The duration of all four yugas are about millions of years and is only one day of Creator Brahma and modern day people are unable to fathom the huge lineage of people of Indian origin. But take for instance the huge wealth inside a single temple at Thiruvanthapuram,where the rajas' only acted as safe keepers or trustees, the actual owner is still the god almighty. Almost all Kingdoms including that of Zamurines[Samudiri King of Calicut.] all were genuinely nice people, where else do you have people pledging the whole property in the name of God in practice. I feel its best to go back to the rule of good kings, all other ideas are futile and not practical.

For those who believe god is up above there, its always good time, but for naysayers, may god bless them too, like the words of latest elected pope, who first told those cardinals who elected him 'may lord forgive you for your action'           

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