Thursday, July 21, 2011


There was a news item a couple of days back that the Chinese have executed some of their corrupt officials, it looked from the news item itself as a very low key affair for the rest of the world.But for some who is so obsessed and frustrated all over our country [India], seeing it all happening but ultimately the politicians bureaucratic & media colludes as one, to loot our country,then the only way forward is the execution of those who are proved corrupt beyond any doubt.

Such a scenario will only happen in INDIA if and when we have strong leaders who are willing to go the extra mile unlike the double agents of this era. The Maos are a direct creation of our corruption filled politics of 65 years. They will be supported by people and farmers at large if the state of affairs remains the same without any politicians willing to act on their own ilk along with those corporate honchos who are gobbling up anything and everything from around the globe.

Our policy of hobnobbing with US & NATO in their ambitious land grab happening in the north African countries and the middle east for selling their weapons and getting the oil fields in return,while keeping a check on the Arabs around by putting strong defense in Israel,will all boom rang on them very soon as was the case when they made people like Osama & Taliban,which ultimately became their strongest head ache in the long run and still continues to be.

In the larger scheme of things god almighty has a way of balancing correctly in his/her own ways to be proved later. What looks a set back now for the righteous will ultimately be the greatest boon for the nice people around the world for sure. But to evolve things takes its own time and some perishes while others survives in this wicked world. But the wrong doers always gets punished in their lifetime it self, at times their action leads to better things without them ever knowing that it was due to their wrong doing that turned out to be a blessing for other innocents in the future.

So let the game goes on while the god is watching , the guilty will be punished and the deserving nice and poor guys who follows truth will ultimately win, the cleverest will at times turn out to be the most stupid guy on earth,such is the way god functions. He makes people do things which ultimately will end up to be good as a whole for the humanity if not immediately perhaps in the long run decades or centuries.

The stars and sun will be shining and witnessing all those stupid idiots who may think and behave as if they are the masters of the universe only to realise in the end how stupid they were.

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