Tuesday, July 19, 2011



As their name indicates Rupert and his son James Murdock the billionaire media tycoons has been running the worst media empire in our world’s history. For sensationalizing news items they were using hacking of phones and voice mails interceptions of hundreds or even millions of important personalities and also the most vulnerable including a British teenager, who later was murdered, in the world. What has now come out in the open is only the tip of the iceberg.

He can not have made such a fortune in a short span with out crime behind such acts. It was not at all surprising to note that his so called friends and cronies included the British Prime ministers, top Police officers along with all those who mattered in the country. He did admit in the British parliament that he was a regular visitor to the British Prime ministers, but always went through the back doors as was the arrangement. They also submitted their ignorance that almost millions of pounds were paid without their knowledge to settle, out of court litigations, when ever it became necessary each time some one among the victims went to court to expose them.

Their modus operandi is such that they pay bigwigs to get scoops for their news stories at time who knows? May even have made things happen and then make big news out of that happening. Their motto was to make money what ever be the cost, which later can be made up by selling more copies of the newspaper due to the sensation created from such news stories which they make or procure from their big connections and by way of hacking or intercepting voice mails. Journalist ethics is a word unknown to them. No one could have questioned them for the very people supposed to have been keeping watch over their actions were in the list of their monthly pay cheques or their buddies in the action.

The body language and the way the senior was making his points were arrogant as he was banging on the desk on each occasion he made a point, as if he is the judge himself with the hammer. He himself declared that the News of the World newspaper in Britain was only one percent of his business empire and he cared least to talk to the big officials of the said newspaper as he had his other 99 percent business to take care of in other words, he has made himself very clear to his rivals that shutting down the 150 odd years old newspaper is nothing in comparisons to what he actually owns. We can surmise from the above statements that he has become such a big fish that our worlds nets and laws are not enough to punish him for his wrong doings, leave alone the fact that no one will dare to show guts to stand up to him and point a finger at him because of his powers and attitude is such that he can go to any extend. ‘Murderous’ as his very name suggests without a second thought any one who stands on his way. Corporate responsibilities are not in his agenda. He is one of the greediest people as the man who attacked him with the shaving cream rightly muttered.

We do have so many Murdock’s among our Indian journalists as well for sure, Radia tapes were only a sample, and more will come out in the open very soon.

But eventually he too will have to pay back for his sins in a manner the Great lord decides, but not the British Lords anyway.


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