Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Have you ever heard of the above word’ dementia’. This is the latest word used by our great Tamasha man Mr.Suresh Kalmadi, who swindled almost a lac crore out of our country’s exchequers to conduct the Common Wealth Games.

During the first week of his imprisonment, we heard of him conducting meetings on the very Jail wardens’ table in public view with mobile phones and his cronies surrounding him and having five star facility offered right inside the jail itself. Once the news leaked, the second trick was the usual chest pain and other ailments for which he needed five star facility hospitals.

The latest is ‘dementia’ which means he has forgotten all that had happened in the past, specifically all that issues in connection with CWG, luckily god has given him specific memories with which he can remember all other things such as his family, friends and how he managed to stash off funds and where it has been kept etc. But the problem is he forgets the whole episode if any CBI officials nears him for questioning this is some thing like an allergic disorder connected to his Dementia, as the doctors already must have given a detailed report . This acute health problem is some thing our top doctors will need to do research and find out and promptly give him a certificate if not already given, with a recommendation for rest and recuperation very soon, so that the great man can rest in places like Switzerland, Singapore, London or even US the climate there suits for such cases, the doctors may put in some earlier cases where it worked well, jus as the case of Mr.Dawood Ibrahim who survives only in Pakistan Climate or the Middle East due to some peculiar decease, which he got infected from perhaps Mr.Bin Laden himself.

Mr.Murdock also could have cited the same word, to side line all those who questioned him on his corporate affairs without an eyebrow raised for he is much older and the argument would have been much more apt that people would have even sympathized for his ‘dementia’. Mr.Madoff also missed this mantra when it was required most.

These are the areas where the west can learn a lot from our great Indian politicians, their cronies and corporate bigwigs, as to how to dodge an enquiry. The Ex- top World Bank executive could have easily got a certificate from a renowned Indian doctor citing that he is impotent hence, could not have committed the rape he was supposed to have attempted.

All such certificates, doctorates, military honors and great escape mantras can be out sourced from India for benefit of those who wanted a cover up or escape the inquiries, leave alone the mines, land and poor people already available for the cheapest rate in the whole universe.

Unfortunatly, Mr.Raja, Mrs.Kanimozhi and Mr. Maran all missed out on this particular mantra, the most effective in their defenses, perhaps it might still work with a renowned doctor certificate citing our Parliament house as being the source of this virus.

Our capital New Delhi has already been the source of a virus, which was named as Delhi virus immune to all the existent antibiotics.

Hilarious thoughts of’ solitairebala’

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