Monday, December 5, 2011


It is very surprising that the Dow Chemicals who are yet to pay compensation for thousands of people killed in Bhopal Gas tragedy more than two decades ago, have enough funds to sponsor an Olympic event single handed, while on the other side the company, which was named Union Carbide earlier has not paid a single penny yet, to those thousands of people who died due to the tragedy.Leave alone those who are suffering due to the toxic gas which was leaked and has effected thousands of families in the vicinity.

What an irony for the so called developed Country like UK,which did not raise a single question on the tragedy or the compensation paid.They are only concerned about their Olympic games of 2012,and choose the same company who was responsible for the deaths of so many thousands.Under what circumstances, can they justify their action in accepting the very same Company which owes millions to the helpless poor people who perished due to their ignorance.

Also the Indian Government which kept a mute silence on the issue from the time it was known that Dow Chemicals are the Official sponsors of the London Olympics,did not raise an objection now at last, for the sake of fooling people it has raised the issue, but does not seem to be taking a tough stand to boycott the Olympics if Dow chemicals remains the sponsor.

It is very unfortunate that people are willing to spend millions of dollars for sponsorship of great events for publicity, but is not willing to compensate the victims of one of the greatest tragedies in history ,for which they alone were responsible,which looks like our peoples' life is not worth a penny because we do not have a government with spine to stand up to those guys and declare ,that we object to the very idea of such sports events, before the victims have been compensated fully to the satisfaction of all the effected families.

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