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If you ask a child about the word ‘Aura’ many children will be able to tell about it in practice as children are said to be having it in abundance, which disappears as we grow and become a person with ego. For the benefit of real Christians, I can explain it as the star seen behind Jesus Christ’s head.

Also known in English, as brain waves, the unseen power, which connects us to our world, universe and most importantly to God. Every human being is having it in some degree, but can either develop or destruct according to the ‘Karma’ in life.

What our Rishis [Indian philosophers attaining wisdom called ‘enlightenment’ by practicing and penance for the God] are doing in Himalaya is exactly trying to uncover the veil and vile inside our self and the ego of one, which is responsible partly or fully & make us blind towards the reality. To attain clarity of thought, to see the real in reality instead of the blurred version that a layman is capable of, we have to meditate for years and bring our thoughts to clarity and concentration from the daily vagaries of life, which makes us forget the reality in front of our life’s inevitable daily chorus.

Bu the fact is even while having a family, one can still achieve or is capable of developing your Aura and connectivity in modern language, with our god almighty and our mother Earth.

Just as in the case of drug addicts, who becomes a slave of their habits, which ultimately make us blank in thoughts and realities, the exhilaration one might experience of the effect of the drug only last for a few hours after which, you are worse off, than your normal and most of the times are depressed and disoriented with out any clarity in mind as we lose our control over our self in the process of drug abuse and alcoholism. You can take my advice in these factors as I have spent most of my younger days in experimenting with drugs and drinks. The most harmless is to have a beer in the evening along with a joint of marijuana, [Grass prohibited in soem places as gancha or pot.] enough to make you hungry and sleepy and you wake up with freshness unlike the drunkards, who goes on till 2 am and would not be able to lift their head and needs a sober dose of a drink, to make their brain and body function.

Instead, if you are willing to do penance and meditate the bliss and exhilarations lasts for ever, unlike the drugs ,which can only give a feeling some where very distant, and entirely different to the bliss of mental calmness and the harmony and balanced mind to last for your whole life.

I give below an happening recently in the Himalayan terrain , where millions of Rishis still do ‘sadhana’ meditation and years of yoga practice to control our thoughts for concentration, in pursuit of the ultimate truth, people wants to know about our purpose in life and the righteous way of living. Each goes in his own ways of finding solace to our soul. One morning they all heard a large thud nearby a village in the foothill as a rock weighing abouthundreds of tons fell down and rolled but miraculously stopped in front of a baby 3 years old, who was playing but un aware of all the commotion. Villagers all gathered and were taken aback seeing the narrow escape of the little child. A Sadhu or Rishi came down from his meditaions to see the child and the rock, the size of hundreds of feet and weighing around 100 or more tons. The villagers promptly asked the Rishi , why it fell down in the first place for which the Sadhu replied it was due to the foot step vibration felt on earth by the 3 year old boy. The second question was then how come it stopped five feet away from the child. For that the Rishi answered it was due to the 'Aura' of the boy which was manifolds than any normal human being, and had the power of stopping huge mountain chip weighing more than a train right in front of the baby, unknowingly to him only due to the Aura he possessed, and the Sadhu/Rishi was instantly convinced of the power of the Aura in the little boy and explained the power of such unseen force which has a direct link to our cosmos, earth and God.

Our earth is so sensitive that butterflies’ wings flutter can reverberate thousands of miles away in Australia or US, such is the sensitive nature of our mother earth. But imagine the plundering and piling we do to make big concrete towers, and how much affect this will have on our mother earth.

The lack of rains and climate eccentricity all are the result of our plundering and unless we reverse the trend, there will be many more disastrous catastrophes in the end, will be a closed chapter for men who were given a fair chance, but misused it for selfish deeds alone. The affect of nuclear fusion tested underneath the soil in remote places have such disastrous effect unimaginable for man kind.

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