Thursday, June 11, 2009



This question too came in Silicon News, If your answer is’ no’ to the above question then you are not human instead you are a brute. The basic cultural behavior means that you have the most loving soul, even to the earth and walk without stamping angrily on our mother earth. Such character do give away their character or the sadists in them, if they are seen being ignorant or deliberately causes hurt to any animal bird or fish, I really have started to think vegetarian out of my sympathy and love for all living beings irrespective of the looks or shapes if it is a living being then our feelings are also applicable to all living, thinking creatures. Are we not seeing the distress of a cat or a dog which loses or the young one dies in front of the parent be it be the male or female. I have observed the cats being so depressed for almost 3 days to one week. If parted by human beings also leaves the animal or any living being in the most emotional outbursts of crying out for their lost soul mate or children.

How can people think of killing without any feelings, they are in fact sick in their mind, or may have been the victims who turn sadistic due to their childhood horrors or witnessing most horrible acts of people around us?

I strongly advocate the right to live for each species on our mother earth which belongs to all, but of late people have started thinking they own the world and are seemingly without any feelings for the hurt they causes to the society as a whole and all living beings. That is called sinful life.

Thoughts of “solitairebala” in Google.

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