Monday, June 22, 2009



There was a time before I was born in the early sixties, by which time the first Communist Government was already in power, but if one goes back you can find a time when the communists were a banned outfit not only in Kerala, but through out the British empire.

There was also a time when Naxalism cropped up in Kerala, out of sheer frustration of seeing the land lords treating those poor workers in the field, like worse than one treats a dog. The first most sensational event in my memory is when the first time Naxals came out to defend the poorest, from a land lord named ‘Narayanan Nair’ in Kongad near Present day MUNDUR,in Palakkad Dist.

I was told he was such a character, who never spared a single girl out of the workers’ children, and at last was killed by Naxals to save those very poor girls, the leader of the gang was Miss.Ajitha, who did the stabbing along with her comrades, herself, and gave her self, to the long arm of the law, to be imprisoned for a long period. I don’t remember whether she came out prematurely or whether she was given pardon later, when the people actually was seen supporting her. The most terrible among our criminals where these land lords , who did every thing and anything to rape murder and who ever was against,was killed brutally for quite some time.

At least, I remember those naxals among,them as the most patriotic among our era, but I am not so sure with Mao’s now, who too has went against the establishment and sundry, but the most appalling sight, is seeing the latest Automatic weapons with them. They are getting regular supply of weapons, from the Burma route mostly, I am quite sure the Burmese Army, can not have survived had it been seen, not in favour of the Chinese intentions.

Those Naxals of the earlier era only had knives with them. But our force now may be against the most deadly weapons and army training, they get from across the border, my gut feeling is, more from China, indirectly of course for they have some small countries favouring them in the neighborhoods than in Pakistan, which is also true but not to the extent of the Chinese influence butclever are the Chinese,like the KGB they dont leave a track behind. The route also can be,tracked back to favouring Pakistan in developing their arsenal as well. Mao’s according to my earlier thoughts were the frustrated youth, who are jobless and moneyless and can be lured easily for subversive activities of state sponsorship. Now, I am not very sure as we can also see some of our own political parties too, hand in glove with them, and after Nepal, Mao’s might fancy their chances in Bengal,Bihar,MP,UP [the whole of eastern belt through to the middle of India up to Andhra Pradesh. The only chance is to reverse the trend with good governance, and by giving people their due, with out further delay. I am sure there are Crores of them out there [Millions]

Disturbing realities ‘ thoughts of “solitairebala”

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