Monday, June 8, 2009


Swine Flu will spread fast and furious if left unchecked.

Having got caught with chicken gunya, right after the Tsunami, the viral infection which spread in South and most of the people suffered due to prolonged pains in the joints in my case my right leg, almost for a year which made me decide myself perhaps, is a case of getting older and arthritis but fortunately it disappeared almost after 6 months to One year, when I did some cycling at home with the exercise ten minutes a day. In seven days the pain was gone and I was again fit to drive around and explore the unexplored roads and places of the beaten track, though we hardly come across such a place in India any longer due to the doubling population growth and the density is so much per square kilometers in comparison with any other country, or most of the countries at least.

As if to celebrate my new found freedom from deceases apart from high BP which had to be kept under control with daily medicines, god knows how long one has to go through all the medications. I did cover the southern part of Karnataka including Udupi, Mangalore,Mookambigai, Dharmasthala and back, immediately after a few days I was off to Chennai by road from Coimbatore, and covered almost all sides of Tamilnadu on so many occasions. Now the new terror is Swine Flue, though only 11 cases has been reported in India, that too was on the entry point airports from where they were swift in their action in putting the infected in isolation. How many more cases we have with out reporting which goes missing or the patient dies, some might not notice the symptoms of Swine flue.

Viruses of all types are simply not treatable with medicines, as the case of our most common cold, a result of a virus instead, of a Bacteria or Fungus which has antibiotics and without any anti dot for virus, we can only prevent it rather than treating it, the only treatment is our body defense mechanism, which fights and wins over the virus causing common cold. But AIDS virus or Bird virus or the latest Swine virus are all deadly, if not checked in urgent measures and have the destructive power of vanishing millions of people like in the cases of Malaria, plague and small pox just to name a few which has taken its toll on our population in different times.

Every century will have at least a dozen types of new deceases with different symptoms ,as we come over one, there is another popping up some where in the world. I have heard stories of ship full of people in the middle of voyage is caught with chicken pox or measles, they in earlier times, used to toss them over to the sea to prevent it from spreading to others. At least now they are only kept in isolated places are a comforting thought. As our science and technology improves there are newer and fresh problems facing man kind. The tests and tribulations of the almighty, which may at times, look na├»ve towards innocent people, but why? We still don’t have an answer, the cycle of universe changing in millions of years may have started to gain speed due to our blunders. Let us hope our prayers will be answered with solutions for all sorts of illness in the world.

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