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There has been much hype and disturbance of a different kind since the last decade at least, when the glaciers started to melt and mountains of ice blocks [ice bergs] were vanishing just as they would, if we start to boil them, we realized it is because of the global warming due to increase in emissions level from around the world and I read that, half of it from US alone.

US had been the spoiler due to the very fact that their business and profits were their ultimate concern, and the ozone layer and green gas emission are unknown to the most so called, powerful guys on earth ‘Mr. George Bush, I saw a programmer in TV showing Mr.Bush [Junior himself, so we know for sure senior as well,for he must be still worse in his awareness] when asked about to comment on Global Warming and its affects was said to have commented ‘aye man, it should be warm ,or we will all perish, did you not see the people suffering from cold weather during winter our world should be ice free’[ the answer was in these lines perhaps the wording may have been different]

If that was the response of the most rich and powerful nation’s leader,then one can imagine their level of awareness is so abysmally low and are at loss to understand the
Situation and its gravity on human life and eco balance. I had a response from US, where my blog ‘solitairebala’ had been popular since last few years the reader was responding to my blog post, about the anxiety of human habitats and the effect of Global warming, of the rising sea levels and so on the reader’s comment was “ hey man just don’t think about it –aha-ha-ha”.

Do you think the above responses augers well for our efforts when the people of the country responsible for 50% of the emission level is so ignorant lot, what are the literacy rate in US, or Is their curriculum so bad, not to have imparted the knowledge about our mother earth and the balance act which it self is a miracle. Well,as far as I know among all our nations under the umbrella of UN, United States is the only player who had the power and resources to make a difference but choose not to. How can we make it binding on them, once that happen the poorer and developing nations can also be helped by boosting their efforts in support of more green projects and Tree planting ,forestation and so on. Funds are critical, as we can not expect a country like Bangladesh to spend all they have, which is not enough for their food itself, how we can ask them to spend on other less important things in life as far as they are concerned.

Did you all know that, just one grown up tree is enough to provide oxygen for a family of three for their whole life? How many of us have planted a tree & also ensured it to grow up? Ask yourself, I have seen the direct result of cutting a big Neem Tree by a family only to show off their newly built house, the tree was the shade and coolness around the area for decades and cattle used to be settling underneath for shade and grass. The guy who built his house, actually was benefited by the coolness of the Neem tree as fresh air and coolness beneath, more over the tree was on the road side, but the guy thought the tree is covering his newly built house and asked his tree cutters to cut it, so as to show off his house. I was disturbed in mind for at least a week for, the very reason I started to stay there was due to the those Neem trees around, the coolness and fresh air and we lived a healthy life for almost five years, before the above said incident happened. With in one year disaster struck in their family as the house wife committed suicide, the reason has been cited as some thing else, but in my mind I was convinced, it was due to their very nature of going against the nature, which has resulted in the concrete building to warm up during summer and remains just like a boiler inside the house, health and mind must have been so disturbed for her to have taken such a decision to end her life in disgust.

I can cite thousands of such incidents when people go on a rampage and cut trees for the so called development towards dooms day.Gloom in US is an example, because had god been watching they were the worstand deserved to be punished, it has actually happened now is time for them for introspection and re examine their policies.

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