Wednesday, June 24, 2009



The contention of the sons of the soil in Palestine has been the flaring point since last five decades, after the Great War Israel was born by taking territory from the Palestine, who was moved out unceremoniously, while the Jews were accommodated in such areas. Ever since, we have seen the conflicts, as each claiming the land to be theirs. Had both sides been accommodative of the other just as in India, where we allowed the Muslims in India to remain here, while some Hindus also along with Sikh remained in Pakistan after our countries were given independence by British by splitting the country in to two while Pakistan retained majority Muslims and India retained majority Hindus, after the 2nd world war when the European countries were bankrupt and could not rule the empire anymore.

But the triggering of tension lasted ever since, even to the present day in both India and Pakistan border & Israel and Palestine border. This was almost contained by diplomacy by India and Pakistan, though we also indulged in war at times. Israel had to live by Muslim countries in their surroundings that were supporting the PLO then. Though Jimmy Carter, tried his best to bring about peace in the gulf, situations changed drastically after the 9/11 tragedy.

The whole world is at risk with nuclear arms technology leaking from erstwhile, USSR countries owning nuclear arsenal and due to their financial woes, may be tempted to sell the same for a price. If and when some crazy guy gets his hands to a dirty bomb is enough to wipe off at least a third of the total world population or even detruct the whole world of all living beings. This is urgent times for diplomacy and great efforts in favour of humanity as a whole. All countries must be brought in the boat under the umbrella of UN and made to forego all nuclear war heads at the earliest before it is too late. Each one can ensure the other not making use of the fissile material for other than energy creation for which, perhaps it is best suited but only till we come to fool proof technology to harness solar power and wind power to the maximum so as to make it about 75% of our energy needs in a decade.

In my opinion that requires more urgent actions than the green gas emissions and tackling of global warming for which we might get another decade of time for us to act seriously, while compelling all countries to join the tirade for ever lasting peace and harmony in the world. It is a difficult task for sure but not impossible. The ball is in the court of veto power, countries to give up nuclear arsenals first, only then can they expect others to follow like Korea, Iran and Pakistan along with India.

Disturbing times ahead diplomacy of the statesmen will be tested to the hilt.

Thoughts compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google blogger.

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