Thursday, July 2, 2009



Guys and girls this might be the first time you have seen the gloom in your life, for the youngsters who are born in the late seventies and early eighties, other later ones, will not know what was in life of older people, as their experience is entirely different from today's youngsters who find a friend in Network or Internet.

On the other hand our generations did not know what was a TV or Computer till such times when we did our graduation. We came across these stuff later and like dire straits 'money for nothing and chicks for free', we came across and stumbled on to the TV, Channels and Net work, Internet and suddenly, realised we don't have to spend money for books any more. The whole range is in the net with free access and downloading allowed in most cases. In my younger days a vacation means a trip to no where land or the isolated villages in palakkad District in Kerala. We had aunts all over and could stay with them, with out electricity songs or tape recorders. Only thing available was radio srilanka , with binaca geethmala , serial songs as per the request of the listeners. Along with other radio stations of Calicut ,Trichur etc.Vivith Bharathi, also did cater to our needs by playing latest Hindi songs along with regional language songs and audio was our only input,while to days generation can watch the sweating it out by actors and actresses,with the camera zoomed in on their face even taking a small yawn to be seen live all around the world.

But due to the very reason of not having such entertainments in our younger days did make us walk and picnics outing in the open, walking in the woods, swimming in rivers and sea along with countless numbers of natural swimming pools we had in existence, in almost every middle class house in kerala normally called the 'tharavadu'. The temple,banian trees,pond good enough for bath and swim,with plants of medicinal values all around the house, all these were the gift of our forefathers , who wanted the atmosphere in such natural ways and was maintained by nature itself with out our tampering with the nature.

Now the scene is entirely different,children spend more time indoors and rarely come out for a walk or an exploring mood, trek to the jungles or swim in the river or ponds,all are now not the ideal time spenders for our youth.They are more tuned to Internet and the information in their palm or note book computers,which can show you any where the geography, natural and man made structures sitting at home from your bed.

The present lot is more knowledgeable but lacks only in exercises and out door life, which is also very important for man kind to survive and be in harmony with nature. I suggest most of our children to be taken by their parents for picnics and spend time together with out connectivity to the world ,which at times takes your space and time away and is in real a pit fall and you will not be allowed to go on vacation,as your fellow workers or classmates are bound to call you up for refreshing their knowledge as you are always available on your mobile.

To be feeling completely relaxed you have to first of all get rid of the cell phones ,which can be quite intimidating and eats out your relaxation time ,when you wanted to be shut out from the vagaries of working days ,which might be disturbed when you are 'on line' as they mention, and can be reached 24/7,this will become the worst scenario when you will always feel stressed out of the need to attend to the phone ,which might have your boss on the other side while you were sleeping, and might blurt out something to cost you with your very job itself. Also good times and boom will follow bad times and gloom for sure as nothing ever is permanent.

thoughts to save our souls from the intricacies called life and times.

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