Friday, July 31, 2009


When Mr.Mohamed Yunis of grameen foundation won the nobel prize,people took notice and realised the noble work that he was doing silently to help out the poorest people on earth.Micro finance was the tool he was using to give women a small amount in the morning to purchase vegitables or fish, which is then sold for a profit and by evening he gets his money back,while the women earns a living proudly. What more proof do you want to know that god is still very much in control and is watching every human being doing good and bad things.Mr.Yunis must have been the savior sent in by the lord himself to save millions of the poorest people of Bangladesh.Now they are earning with dignity,which is most important and is rearing a family in the rightious way,and god has intervened to make these things happen. I am also a banker but have been catering mostly the rich and big industrialists, they of course generate employement for sure,but also degrades our dear mother earth by too much industrialization and pollution and destruction of wild life and forests.

Mr.Obama has rightly selected Mr.Yunis of Grameen foundation for an award befetting a great soul such as Mr.Mohamed Yunis. I too would have cherished a chance to serve the poorest people on earth by lending them small amounts with which they can make a living by way of buying and selling consumer goods,grains , vegitables,fish etc.The dignity in labour is the most important lesson here. When you eat your dinner out of the earnings of your labour,the taste is much more than a five star hotel meals.

I wish and pray for the well being of people such as Mr.Yunis and Mr.Obama for realising the truth and also appreciating the gentleman for the most reverred work,which is making those millions of starving people to survive and that too with dignity.Great work God sent for sure. Kudos to Grameen Foundation. "solitairebala"

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