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I have lived in a state of India which has 100% Christians in Nagaland and used to frequent myself with my Naga friends to their churches some time back in mid eighties.
It used to be a purifying and pacifying affect on me due to the fact that I was alone there with out many friends and any relatives in the near vicinity.

Like wise, I have also lived in places where there are ninety percent Muslims in Perintalmanna [Malappuram Dist of Kerala] but had very much warm relationship with all playing chess and having great fun together as we never bothered to think of the religion at all under any circumstances.

I am born a Hindu, but that never stopped me from acknowledging the good in all religions. All have their own merits and all are merciful almighty, known in different languages and in different names. When in history people started to fight for each other or against is still a wonder for me, there was absolutely no grounds as all were equally doing good and bad deeds in all religions. If one thinks his one’ is supreme ok, what is wrong in him believing in his own language and god as similarly his or her thoughts also differ according to ones’ mother tongue. Each individual has his own right to beliefs or disbeliefs and ultimately has to pay for the sins and reap benefit for the good karmas done in life.

Since, my childhood I have been surprised to find boards in front of temples alone not allowing people of other religions inside. This is rubbish according to me; God wants each and every individual to have the right to pray, any where they wish to do any time of day or night. Sree Narayana Guru, who heralded the so called, socially backwards communities towards development by education,also to worship and consider all man as equal, in Kerala. This was followed by Sri.Periyar in Tamilnadu, they were very strong social reformers and opened the gates of wisdom for all humanity irrespective of his color or creed. That very Sree Narayana Temple in Calicut ,where both my sisters got married , has a board in front which reads ‘Non Hindus not permitted inside the temple’, How sad a statement for the most reformist god, who wanted equality for all human beings, are now in the very name denying the right to worship for all irrespective of his religion or caste.

Mr.Yesudas has sung hundreds and thousands of songs in ‘Malayalam’ in praise of Guruvayoorappan, the deity at Guruvayoor, but they have still denied him entry inside the temple according to my knowledge, which may be limited, he must be the first person Guruvayoorappan along with Smti.Chitra, who too sang in praise of the very lord beautiful songs most nostalgic ones, and he must be the first one to be allowed inside, if justice is to be done to God Guruvayoorappan, or in other name SRI KRISHNA.

Thoughts in favour of unity of humanity.

Compiled by “solitairebala” in Google blogs.

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