Friday, July 10, 2009



The applause and congrats have not yet subsided, after the so called nuclear supply group agreed to supply uranium for our nuclear energy needs, what followed in India was so swift and before one realized the Government lost the backing of communists MPs [60 Nos] but bought out MPs from Samajvadi party and sundries assuring them of a fair deal in case they support the Congress while facing No confidence motion against the UPA Government with an outside backing of Communists.

Mr.Prakash Karat of CPM was at the receiving end all along the election process and took a beating in the election as well. But now with the US lead blocks of ‘full’ nuclear supply for enrichment and reprocessing for energy needs has been negated even before it all began.

The great insult to a great country such as India is bound to backfire on US interests, around the globe, according to me once US realized that we might go for cheaper deals in this connection to Russia or France must have been the prompting or triggering point for the US business interests and the stand of our Marxists leader stands vindicated. Chinese also can not be trusted as their backing was seen in case of Pakistan and Korea.

Now we know for sure that US & Allies can never be trusted, and our country was taken for a ride and the successful negotiators have now become the laughing stock of our countrymen. It was a great insult for our country and especially our Prime minister who was very much in the G8 summit active, while all along US & Allies played the cards very close to their chest and Mr.Manmohan singh, was all along kept in the dark while being in the stage along with those very people who, gave this passing blow to the innocent prime minister, and may be feeling that they have won.

But the fact is once the people of India realize the games, then US will cry for forgiveness and the greatest blunder of Mr.Obama, in his short tenure. Now we are at liberty as we are not bound by any one before embarking up on our own fissile material such as thorium which is in abundance in our country. Solar and Wind power can support along with Hydro electric projects and bio gas etc; we need energy but US and Allies are the losers in this latest episode which will be proved in a short time itself.

Prakash Karat can relax now, that people will be watching very closely the up coming session and his stand now stands vindicated for ever.

Greatest blunder of Mr.Barrack Obama, with out Indian support they will be at loss in all international arenas as more than 1/6 of the total world population belongs to India. We also have support now from the Chinese who might be tempted to trade with us and Russia too will fancy their chance now more a reality.

Thanks to Mr.George Bush [Junior] for his role was crucial in getting us a clean waiver from the nuclear supply groups. Now US alone along with UK will be the ultimate losers as India with our clean records stands to benefit in the long run with France and Russia now emerging as the options for us,we have good track record ,which can not be ignored any more, if a country wants to benefit from business of the largest democratic country with population so huge that those who stay away will be the ultimate losers for sure. US at least had hope for the future but now is seen as the losers, which also might be a tacticle game played by Obama for the benefit of onlookers,time will prove the implications as far as US,India relations and business ,mutually beneficial though, we have other options too while, US do not have a better market in the whole world with such volume and enormity of 1.2 billion people.

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