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I am happier than any time in my last forty odd years of history. There have been times when the crooks ruled the world all over. Now change is there to see as the media and communication along with information technology has taken the mass along with updates and the cunning schemes of the fraudsters around. The first real change came with undoubtedly Mr.Obama, rightful and a gentleman, unlike others who acted as gentle in front of the camera only to out smart and double cross for selfish deeds and selfish interests.

Now the scene is entirely different, and most importantly, the notion that nice guys can not make nice and thoughtful leader with foresightedness, has been shattered. The world today is lead by so many nice guys around, the Chess champion V.Anand , Tennis superstar ever is Mr.Federer , the so called notion of killer instinct being the leadership quality is shattered for ever. The British are now more vulnerable than at any point in the recent history. Their strong points of ‘killer instinct’ are the worst criminal instinct has been proved, they are sick in mind to such points that they are almost blind towards reality.

Our inability to take honors in Olympics has been cited as an inferior man or women, but in real, it can not have been more blatant lie and the worst publicized propaganda to prove the superiority of man kind. We are in fact the most decent and tolerant of all the human species and our willingness to let the other guy win if that gives him so much pleasure and richness is only magnanimity at the highest level. But if it comes to a duel between the best, my intuitions tells we have what it takes to be the best, the ability with our brains, instead of the thigh muscle, which Mr.Arnold Swarzenegger, mentioned as Mr.Obama lacked. Well Mr.Arnold,’you might be able to climb up a mountain with your thigh muscle, but can not win tactically with out brains, your brute power is not what it takes for humanity to be more refined and decent , the power of the brain muscle is all that counts most.

Our thoughts are what it takes to be successful in the real sense, material success alone is of not much value , but the spiritual supremacy is where Indians are, at least 10 to 20 generations ahead than their closest rivals.

To narrate the futility of sheer power or warlords is this simple story in which, sage Vishwamitra , who was a king him self once goes out, for hunting and come across a simple saint in the forests, who readily invited King Vishwamitra, as a good host and feeds him well with the help of a sacred cow, he possessed. King Vishwamitra was so obsessed with the kind of food, which the saint could feed him in no time and wanted to know what is the secret behind, and the saint as any other good soul told him the truth of having a sacred cow, Now King Vishwamitra wanted to own the cow for himself, but unfortunately, the poor saint was not willing to let the king own it. The refusal in itself was an affront to the King, who declared now he is in war with the saint and asked him to get ready for a fight for the winner to have it all.

The saint did not heed to the king and told he does not want a war and started to move away , but the king would not have it , for he was very sure of his win due to the fact that he was the ultimate warrior and the saint who looked so frail could not in the normal circumstance stand a chance, but the king was easily beaten by the frail looking saint , for the king to again stand up and fight for the same result every time , for the saint seemed to have possessed the most deadliest of all martial arts , with out even exerting himself was easily able to make the king surrender at last.

The king was in total shame and started to think clearly to find that the saint is having some super human power to overcome his enemies easily, but always never wanted to fight with any one. That was the moment of truth for the King Vishwamitra himself, who realized the truth and goes on meditation to become a saint himself, he was the saint who realized ‘Ram’ is the incarnation of Lord himself [Narayana] with the power of ‘GAYATRI MANTRA’. The mantra reads as follows:-


If one chants this mantra for 108 times each day, you will become a blessed child of the god and will come out of all your sorrows and bad times. This also gives you strength to beat any so called Arnold or Undertaker,{E&OE}This is the ultimate for all human beings irrespective of their beliefs and religions, all are welcome to try these Mantras for free, with out any compulsion or any force , any time, any where, in the mind so that it does not trouble or disturb others.

Inputs for self attainment of wisdom for any person around the globe,

Compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google blogs.

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