Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Kudos to Dr.Manmohan Singh, he has done the right thing and have chosen the right way forward.Opposition may think and mislead or at least try their best, to mislead the populace but Singh is King no doubts there. I would give my life for any effort to save Dr. Manmohan singh , Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. Their life is so precious and they are surrounded by crooks mainly from opposition benches,who wanted to stall the progress of our country at any cost, as they fear losing their stashed away funds.

During my childhood I have read with interest the predictions of Mr.Nostradamus who rightly predicted the future pope and also predicted by 21st century [timing may have been a few decades forward or backward] a man from the land of Five rivers ,which is PUNJAB, will become the strongest man on earth.

What more proof do any one need as Dr.Manmohan Singh is from Punjab ,Pakistan side, and is truly doing a great job with earnest commitment and complete involvement. He undertook the bypass surgery and looked forward to leading our country in our darkest hour. So far what ever has been achieved by the team of Dr.Manmohan Singhji, Mrs.Soniaji and Rahulji has been the best governance I have seen in my life of 48 years [28 years at least, before which I was only a boy]Those who are crying aloud are the most corrupt as they fear losing their secret funds from the straightforward way our prime minister is leading us. At this juncture our countries people should strongly support him for he requires our moral backing to give him all the strength he needs. He is a man with wisdom and foresightedness add to that his knowledge in economics his subject which earned him rightly, a doctorate from UK.

I won't mind stopping a few bullets my self to save the lives of the above three persons who are our best bet under the current circumstances.I saw in parliament the strong opposition saying all the stuff to mislead the people , but they must also remember that Indians are not fools. Intelligence wise we have our brains intact and can see through most of the crooks with the help of the media which is now playing a vital role , some trying to distort the picture while other channels with good will doing justice or is it enough, My gut feeling says they need to be more supportive of the role and plan of our prime minister who is giving it his best shot and there is no one other than him who can match him in this process at the moment.

He is strong willed and like our Mr.Sreedhar of Delhi Metro is fighting all the way in spite of all the hurdles, that are put on their path, by the most cunning and crooked guys, who is only focused on making a quick buck and has no patriotism as they show in front of the camera.

I wanted this message to reach our prime minister, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi that right minded guys around the country is strongly behind them no matter what the opposition may say or do. They just could not fathom the agenda of our prime minister, who only means good for our people. We know that his heart is pure and he has the backing from the god almighty. Some guys are such types that they can not imagine a straight forward guy, which they feel is the most foolish way to live. Their way is to loot and make money by frauds and cunning ways and will do any thing to get their hands on the money.

May lord save our country for we have waited too long and at last as Mr.Nostrodamus predicted a Man from the land of five rivers is rightly becoming the strongest man on earth very soon or already has all the plus points to take our country forward to the top of the world , which is where our people's destiny is for we have struggled too long due to our very good nature and hospitality. Now the time is to assert our self on the world arena with the brains and ideas along with technology , in all these fileds our boys and girls are the best there is not an iota of doubt in my mind.

Best of luck to Dr.Manmohan Singh, Mrs.Sonia Gandhi [our present day Jhansi Rani no doubt] and Rahul our future and there is no one worth mentioning as a future leader apart from Mr.Shashi Tharoor, Mr.A.K.Antony, Mr.Achudanandhan and the Karats along with quite a few youngsters who too are willing to stick their neck out in this bloddy game called politics such as Mr.Omar Abdulla all of them , I am sure will back congress once they are convinced our prime ministers agenda, which is the right way forward.

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