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In Malayalam, language of Kerala ,[The land of Coconut Trees] southern most state of India, we have a saying “mukam manassinte kannadi.” Which means face is the mirror of your mind. Your thoughts good and bad will have its effect on your face expressions. This is a fact and truth, police while interrogating criminals normally catch the thief by watching intently the change of expressions, and most importantly thier eyes, which should not be allowed to cover by dark glasses,while being interrogated by some other personnel, one Psychologist among them will be silently watching all his expressions for each question, and can easily find out the truth in majority of cases.

There are also very intelligent guys who can lie straightforward very seriously, as they tune themselves to fooling all by lying as a matter of habit rather than the need for lying.
But I must also admit there are cool ones who can fool you all, even lie detectors which monitor the heartbeat variations while being questioned and gives away, if not by face expressions but by their heartbeat, which rises when they are not comfortable or are lying. Russian KGB is told to have developed guys to even fool the lie detectors, especially, the spy who is sent abroad for such intelligence gathering which can give you an insight in to the very tactics, your enemy is employing. But the problem there has been the double crossing by some, who can also plant stories deliberately to misguide the enemy, with whom they play along as if siding the original country but in real is helping the enemy country knowingly, or unknowingly in some cases when the intelligence guys comes to know about the truth of the spy and ignores the truth and looks to be leaking truths, [but in real planted stories] for misguiding the other side in to thinking differently than what actually is coming at them. Such double crossing and triple crossing is the order of the day and unless you are not sure of the identity of the guy who works with you have to be doubly careful in identifying the truth , while masking your knowledge of your co workers being a spy for the other side.

But in my life, I have seen and caught those cunning guys with just one hard look at them sometimes, we cant help but show our intent or if you are more intelligent then you have to do it in such a way to fool the other guy, for you have truth and honesty as your weapons while, they are handicapped by their very self, which is scheming and cunning inside, always looking at ways and means of cheating for their own benefit and to also misguide your bosses by planting stories of you in your absence.

These are the order of the day and in work places also you come across people of the above kind, but if you play your cards close to your chest, and by showing you as a damn fool not knowing the pun intended, is the way for you forward, the appearance and your actions has to be of an utmost fool and innocent guy, while you gather information by way of observing and watching the actions of your foe. In majority of cases they will show their trait to you by trying to get things out of you, with their queer questions, through which they could find an inkling of your thoughts and mind. At other occasions you can find them to be very cunning and scheming, once you are sure, then your game has to start, while you are dealing with him or his sudden reactions to certain incidents, can give you the correct picture about the guy.

The expressions also can be watched and you will normally find a fleeting moment when he is not guarded as it is impossible to guard 24/7, when you are a fraudster or double crossing guy and is not yourself in reality or truthful. The award winning acts are also to be expected by very good actors who too can fool you easily. They can take you for a ride in the beginning but you must use your intuitions more while remains truthful always and most importantly genuine one otherwise you too can be bracketed in the same category as those crooks are. Look out for the following in the faces of your adversaries and take stock of his built the very first time you meet him or her. Short guys are most cunning; the real life experience will prove the same about Chinese. The only exceptions are when their fingers are longer but the shortness in height. Also the lean and hungry looking guys can also be most dangerous, as explained in Caesar and Cleopatra, in which Caesar himself admits never to trust a lean and hungry looking guy, also fall for the same ilk as he trusted knowingly Octavious Caesar, [Hope again my memory is right] the one who stabs Caesar first from the back, to his horror, as always, he has seen this cheater through, yet fell for him.

If and when you announce good news of yours’ you can invariably find who those jealous ones are and who those are genuinely happy for you, right from their faces. Simple technique to ascertain a good friend from bad ones, is the above techniques which will stand you in good stead in the long run and your life which itself is a journey and your co-passengers keeps changing at various points in your life akin to those who gets in to the train from some stations while others gets off. In our life too the same happens and one has to be very careful in today’s world where 90% of the people you come across are crooked or cunning bastards.

Keep your distance once you are convinced of the guy or girl, with you is not a good friend to you, the best thing under those circumstances is not to move around with them, as it conveys yourself wrongly, by the company you keep. Do not initiate a discussion on any stuff to those ones; shut yourself to the same ilk as far as possible. While observing do not look directly or intently as these occasions will make those guys or girls guard themselves knowing that you are watching them, but at the same time there is a way of keeping a tab on them, like what they do in martial arts, to see and guard your back first for these guys or girls normally strike you from the back, unlike the real warriors, who wanted an outright win facing and fighting fair and square.

Thoughts for survival in this mad & bad world.

Compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google blogs.

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