Friday, July 3, 2009



The rise in communistic view towards life, was due to the importance the party gave towards the lively hood of the poor farmers and to protect their ilk from all the attacks on their very livelihood, by way of usurpation of their land which is dear to them, as they have lived happily on those fields, happy and content with what they got out of those activities.

Industrialization has been important but also more important is the lives of the farmers who do not want any thing to do with going against nature. The very Industries may provide workers livelihood, but the damage will be more in terms of ecological disasters, and non hospitable terrain for humanity or lives of any kind.

When the law was passed to give the government astronomical powers to take in any land according to their or the Industrialists’ wishes was the first mistake. Secondly the very fact that common interests is projected beyond common rights to livelihood, according to one’s wish is again debatable and sees no end or clarity in the matter.

Looking back we feel proud that we did not allow the Industries to flourish in Kerala , in spite of all the materials and water, transportations facilities, skilled man power and above all the natures abundance ,which the people rightly held on to. The industries went else where and provided for jobs for a period till the time they made huge profits and left the workers on the pavements not having a regular income or pension. Those very industries refused to bail out workers and instead looted the funds out and left the old machineries, which is not even worth its weight in scrap.

Now other big weights such as cell companies, auto manufacturers are all interested to put their shop in India to benefit from the cost effectiveness and the willingness of Indians to work till they drop dead for the benefits of Overtime, when they get double the payment, exactly what they would prefer to do as going back home these guys hardly have anything else to do but regretting for the overtime amount lost , and they will always be ready to work even for 48 hours on the trot if the pay is good. That exactly are the reasons that US itself prefers Indians, for they only need to be given food of good quality, vegetarian will do, and the guys and girls are ready to work for eternity and still ask for more if they find there is money in all the work, I don’t think there are any more obedient and more cooperating workers when it comes to sheer hard work Indians are willing to do is the tilt in their favour.

They just would not want to spend their hard earned money on trivia according to them like beer, cans, or liquor. The very reason we find the fiasco in AUSTRALIA too. They can’t imagine a life with out fun while our guys can’t imagine a life with fun.

Difference in perspectives of seeing things in different ways:-

Looking at life with a different angle. From the angle of the poorest people on earth.
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