Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A complete & full eclipse is a once a life time opportunity as at times , you may miss it by kilometres and realise later that, you missed it and will not get another opportunity in your life time. The next complete eclipse when the moon comes nearest to the earth and blocks the view in its particular path covering the sun , which, though might be billions of times larger than the moon still is not visible to us as we look and and only see the giant moon blocking our view of the sun ,which is billions of light years from earth, and due to the distance might look smaller to us from earth than the moon, which is the nearest celestial body to earth as it revolves around the earth while together and rotating and spinning in mind boggling speed , which is not felt by us unlike, while we travel in a car or bus and see the trees moving fast behind us before we are through to seeing it properly.

How small we are is another subject which can be dealt later, but the importance of the eclipse is that , we feel the moon nearest to us and day time suddenly becomes evening or like dawn, some also miss it during nights. But fortunately for Indians this time it is in our radar view and can be visible from any corner at least partially. But the full eclipse starts from Daman, the goan side and moves along with the path which goes through surat,patna,varanasi, gaya, and Assam [dibrugar,] then to Burma through to Japan where it ends and the time taken will be around little more than half an hour starting from 6.14 am on 22ND July 2009.

The path this time covers mostly the thickly populated sites of India and Ase an countries and happens during sunrise hence,can be visible. It is a spectacular site,one will not forget for our whole life time.

The precautions one must take is not to look at it straight or directly up as the sun rays ,which includes ultra Violet and other more notorious rays harm full to some extend also is the ingredient which kills most of the micro organisms living on earth and which is harmful for human beings,the sunlight not only shows us the light but also kills so many micro organism such as plague infection viruses,[E & OE]along with some good ones too gets killed or destroyed by the sun light which contains so much energy and heat,the most important factor is that it supports our life,and one is advised not to take food during such eclipse period as it may contain bacteria and virus unknowns to us and thereby cause harm health wise to human beings and animals along with birds and fish.

A simple example to show the effect of sun rays is that grains which contains ants or other species can be kept open to the sun and with in minutes, all those will vanish and run away from the sun rays, as they can not survive longer in the sun. Such magical effect can only be seen during day time in the sun rays and during night time the moon light which is only the reflection of the sun light is not enough to scare those species away. Like wise human beings also can have sun stroke if we are directly exposed to the sun during summer time especially in India and people may die of sun stroke in North India.

But sun rays also have so much energy that is un seen, by us but the effect has been proved by people who live with the help of the morning sun rays alone with out having food or water for years as I read some where in which a man lived without food for nine long years and the secret was he was getting the energy from the morning sun light, during the sunrise.

Sun can not be seen or looked by us for longer than seconds as our eyes will become blind due to the very heat and light,which is so bright that our eyes are not guarded against the harmful rays of the sun if we ever attempt to look at it directly for longer periods, it is exactly because of that reason that we get a chance to look at it directly during the eclipse , without the blinding effect of the sun rays.

If one think of the ultimate sacrifice the sun does is un imaginable, for we get the light and heat for billions of years and the sun is still shining with the brightest fire one can imagine and never ending for it has gone on with the self sacrificing ways of the fire burning some material or gases for such long periods from time immemorial for billions of years and the warmness only is increasing , as we have been hearing since last decade or so ,global warming and so on.

What material is in such abundance , gases we know vaguely, but how much quantity does the sun have for keep on firing for billions of years, it must be surely destructing itself, while providing us with the most important aspect required for life & living beings on earth as we know now but,may have more planets with life which we don't know yet.

So girls and boys look at it and witness while you can, for your children also will not get a chance to see it, as it will only occur next after more than a century 134 years or so. the scientists are excited because they get to see the corona of the sun which means the outer layer which has the flames of the fire of the sun. They want to take this opportunity to observe and see if, we can make out any thing special this occasion which god has permitted us, and is passing through the most thickest layer on earth with heavy & densely populated places, who knows may be this sign is a good omen for our badly divided world , and while life itself is becoming a burden rather than the enjoyment filled with pleasures and tragedies part and parcel of life for each individual. We will start hoping that our world will experience good things during the eclipse and bring luck to humanity as a whole.

thoughts of 'solitairebala'

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