Thursday, July 2, 2009



A manager by its very definition is some one who can manage well with out being a damager. There are some simple and truthful acts which a manger should adhere to, even when the going is tougher with competition and pressure from the higher ups.

Firstly, planning has to be put in place for the work to be accomplished in a specific time barrier. That is the time when a manger has to be in complete control including his temper good or bad. The moment he falls for the situation of fireworks around rather the temptation is so very high when you are dealing with a difficult customer. Merely announcing the customer as difficult should not be your criteria and should be able to judge yourself, as to why the customer is put in such racket as the ‘most difficult’. Your own judgment is the only source of truthful judgment of any person, be it be some as bracketed under the most difficult category.

When you are not biased by the term used by others and should be able to judge a person ‘difficult ‘it may be for others’ but you should never allow the terms of other colleagues ,which may be biased on most occasions for you to find out the simple person, the so called customer termed as ‘difficult’. The key is to understand the person at times can be termed slightly un natural or different, but then his upbringing also must have been different for him or her to be acting as ‘difficult to deal with’, but to my surprise I have been one hundred % successful in dealing with the so called tough ones in my career spanning a quarter of a century.

I cherish being the one to handle such unique customers’ who gives you a chance to know your fuse short or long, but in such cases, no matter what ever be the temptation, you should never lose your temper is the first point to remember. Second point is to give a patient hearing to the very difficult of customers to know what exactly the reason behind his eccentricity is the key to your treatment of the same person. So instead of giving lectures one must be patient to listen and try to make out what exactly his short fuse’s cause and 99 out of one hundred times you will have a remedial action and makes sure the customers remain with you for the rest of his life if possible or if the same handling criteria is in use.

I saw in the TV a Central Minister slapping and then remarking it was only touching his cheek as if he is in love with the guy, as gay is now more legible now. The best argument for the minister would have been to justify his action as love towards the bank manager and he has got the legal backing of and in support of gay behavior. Any way what tempted him is one arrogance or second may be because the manager is simply putting hurdles in front of the beneficiary which must have infuriated the minister or his ability to deal with such VIPs stand shattered as it would only have taken common decency to avoid such incidents or whether it was done deliberately to trap one just doesn’t know for truth now.

Had it been me I first would have ordered for a cup of Coffee or Tea the common mannerism of giving a VIP the treatment he deserves. What stopped the manger to take him in to the cabin to console or to give the truth of the account or his inability due to technical points etc?

The guys and girls who join banks today are mostly technical minded candidates, who can work in a system very smoothly, while, are seen to be bad mangers of personnel and seldom look up from the monitor or keyboard , this is an affront to the person who is standing in front of you with a certain reason, by not addressing the customer you have not only failed as a banker, but is doing great harm to the institution by not giving the customers their due respect and patient listening, but they are more tuned towards the system and should be left at that, while the ones who are tuned towards the customers and with diplomacy should be left to handle the customers. This is the only way to ensure great service to the customers, my hallmark traits in these lines are my records, of career which speaks for itself and I have no enemy among the customers, I go out of the way to take care of those very difficult ones, they in turn becomes our most beneficial customers in the long run.

The other major area our present day mangers are lacking is the way to get, maximum out put, from the employees. For that the manager himself should know the strong points and weak points of an employee, and accordingly by allocating the very job in which he is most comfortable and hence, more beneficial to the banks or other business establishments. The moment you are seen insensible to the woes of an employee, you have done great in justice to your employee and to your position high up in the hierarchy. Reaching a particular point in life is ok, but if you fail to do justice, in that capacities then you are a loser and thereby makes the institution also lose in the long run.

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