Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My excitement started in life after my graduation in the early eighties, when I started to wander for jobs and also worked from place to place in different capacities and in different jobs. Fri st it was the sales profession of a medical representative as I began a career , and later switched over to star category hotels also looking for a chance to do my law degree, but could not get seat in Kerala Law colleges due to the marks which was minimum pass.I also tried my luck in the North East trying to get a law degree,but god had my path planned in some other way.

Then for some time I fancied my chance as a singer and was on to guitar and tried to get going in the field, which was abruptly broken by a streak luck or bad luck by way of a bank job which came my way in 1987-88. During those period a bank job was one of the most sought after jobs and the posting order was received by my elder brother who was then working near Ahmadabad, while I was in a star category hotel in Surat.

I received the appointment letter redirected late and the time for joining was almost over by then. My brother helped with the money to make it to the North East,as I was, as always, broke even in those periods too, out of my own bad habits of spending with out savings.My first posting was in North East and had to make in in 3 days time to report at Jorhat in Assam from Surat in Gujrat.

The excitement and the count down began from the evening I got the appointment letter.I caught the first train out of Ahmedabad to Delhi via Rajasthan and made it there by next day I have hardly got out of the train when I heard the announcement of the train leaving for guwahati in 5 minutes time. I some how manged to get a ticket to Guwahati and started to run up the steps to see the train had started to move from the platform down below and I too ran after the train and threw my shoulder bag in first and could catch hold of the last but one compartment, at the very edge of the platform after a sprint, which took the breath out of my heart and was panting profusely and sweating but hung on to the door as there was heavy rush as always, in trains in India any where any time. The door step was the place I sat on till I reached guwahati almost 2 days later in the night and again found the bus, night service, from Guwahati to Jorhat was about to leave in half an hour, by which time I bought a ticket and had my meals [proper one at that]after couple of days and sat graciously in the sit back seat of the luxury bus trying to get a shut eye, which was not done for two full nights and was in to my third night without sleep.

But even then my spirits during the travel though, has been of real excitement and most adventurous and I did not feel it tiresome at all, due to the very nature of youngsters in their peak. We all have the confidence level so high during your twenties when you are at the peak of your health and most of the time, are looking out for an adventure at any point of time during one's twenties and thirties slowly your graph will start to show downward jounety, by the time, you are at the wrong side of thirties.

The peak time has to be utilised to the brink otherwise, you seldom get another chance and even if you get one in the fortees or late thirties the journey ,travels and the rush becomes a burden hence,the importance of enjoin it while you are still at your peak. I not only made it right and bang on time and have since put on more than two decades of service with the same bank, working and enjoying every moment of my solitaire days ,when I used to feel free as the wind,wandering and taking things from where ever in what ever situation you find yourself in and you don't have a thought of the next day, as you don't have any one waiting for you, at home but for your parents and siblings ,who also will not be expecting you every day, as they know how youngsters are and when you are away, then you are on your own making your own decisions and finding it easy with out having to take permission for what ever and where ever you go and do.We take it for granted and before you realise the time passes just as the snow flakes, for the way wardness and the typical boyish feel of being alone and independent, will all go once you get married and have children and a family to look after and you are reminded of your responsibilities every morning when you wake up. But then that's life , when you wake up to find your self alone also is very difficult after the initial joy is over and if you get in to drugs or drinks then it is even worse, as the feel of guilt reminds you every morning when you wake up and tell yourself it is not good and you have to kick the habit.

Having a family sort of makes you sober and has this affect of making you more responsible in life, which a bachelor will not think of and as a result may feel very lonely once the euphoria of Independence is over with and you find yourself all alone in a no where land with out many friends and family. All the excitement will be over by then and you start and think of the discipline and one by one you see your friends dying around you making you feel that much more lonelier and depressed when you are alone.

But what ever it takes you must make very good use of your younger, happier, freer days so as not to regret later that you did not do all the wicked things in life earlier. To do it all and seeing it all and then coming out of it all is what makes you a person more matured and more confident in life . What ever may be the out come in life at the end of it all you must be able to sit back and say ok I did live a life full of action. Now it is time for rest and then rest in peace. [RIP in our banking terms means Reinvestment plan] but unlike in the case of deposits in a bank you don't get a second chance in life the very reason that you do all the things you like doing most so to be satisfied.But always remember that what ever you do should not be a hindrance for others , you must also help out other unfortunate people around you too come up if you get a chance to help out those people in dire need of such friendship,as you too must have got heping hands in your life's journey from unexpected quarters and unexpected people just as god would place some one in front of you when you need some one like wise you too should be in the front to lend a helping hand to those people god gets in front of you, to check whether you are doing justice to your chance god given.

Remember that at the end of it all some will be asking you in the form of god how was your karmic actions and what results you may expect later , if you do good then you can expect good things to happen to you , if you do bad then bad things will happen to you . The mathematics of God almighty always balances it correctly and tallies before taking you back in to his folds again.

Action filled life of "solitairebala"

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