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Our astrology has been the most advanced and along with the astronomy ,which too rightly calculated the transits of planets around the SUN, the exact time taken the positioning and calculated circle or orbit [even the fact that such orbits are in most cases oval in shape]of each planet exactly way or ages [millions of years back]before our Modern science was arguing for the shape of the earth which was not thought to be a globe, and a guy who suggested 'it must be global shape' was killed in front of the crowd for having spread rumors, which the western world could not fathom nor could they digest the fact that a globe can also be seen as a plate, if the onlookers' view is so small and little in comparison to the size of the earth which can be millions of times bigger than an animal or man.

This very fact is enough to prove the lack of knowledge among our so called western ‘developed ‘countries. They just don’t have the idea and brain power to acknowledge the vastness of our world, but since the time of a man visited Moon and came back safely have given them some consolation and rightly so, as we don’t see these things happening often now, but our Puranas [Ithihas, History] cites the flying planes such as the one in which Ravan took Sita to Srilanka. Also the sudden appearance of gods and goddesses is mentioned for them to have traveled speedier than light, can and reaches heaven and earth in moments, which must have been possible or could not have been an imagination of the wildest dreams.

When did the westerners started to calculate the eclipse, only a thousand years or less than that, but our scriptures have the calculation thousands or even millions of years back as can be seen from the scriptures found in depleted condition but still legible and in Sanskrit. Even with all these proof, how come the patent rights of so many so called inventions in real copied & based on Sanskrit scripts/Texts being copied and given the patent and ‘copy’ rights as the very word indicates, were given to the Europeans and US Universities with the help of German scientists, engineers, who had access to Sanskrit as they felt it was a legacy of the Aryans , who was supposed to have moved in to India ages back to find in India the existence of Science at the highest level ,like Physics, Math’s and Chemistry along with the help of all the above subjects we had calculated all the ‘NAVGRAHAS’ which means the planets and bodies having maximum influence for humanity and earth, as such Moon and Sun rightly grades at the highest level followed perhaps by Jupiter ,which due to its big size and gravitational pull second only to sun has been considered as the Planet with most influence on man kind ant his nature.

That was the very reason that our Astronomy and Astrologers gave and still give most importance to the placing of GURU as known in Sanskrit for Jupiter. Each individual has the benefits and bad signs for each individual and places in the world just as we have day and nights as we roll over while circling Sun. As it is a deep subject, with so many connotations, connections and inter linking natures, all can change your history according to the placement of the NAVGRAHAS at the time of your birth.

Such ‘Jothisham’ has a real effect on persons and each individuals as per his exact time of birth, other wise the whole calculations will be based on the wrong time of birth or assumed time of birth. The main difference of western Astrology and Indian astrology is that they take a months'[30 days ] time to calculate a persons traits and future , while in India each second wrongly interpreted can have vast and entire difference to your astrological predictions. The very reason that some gets it right, while others gets it all wrong.

In my personal case it has been on dot always, for the past 48 years of my life. Every time a change was predicted in my ‘Jathakam’ it also did happen just on such time, which made me a believer in our Astrology and Astronomy.

For effects of mantras which I have dealt in my earlier blogs mainly ‘OM’ and ‘Gayatri’, this time wants to give my readers another one to appease and get favorable result from Jupiter [GURU In India]. It sounds as follows:-

{E & O E }
This mantra can be chanted 108 times daily, for all any time, even in your own mind will do, for progress and clarity of thoughts and good luck in all avenues.Most importantly this mantra should be chanted before or after chanting 'OM GANESAYA NAMAH" , if possible again 108 times.

The above are some inputs for those unfortunate people who are suffering out there.
Those who believe in it and make it a practice will also benefit in the long run and in ones’ life.

Compiled by ‘solitairebala’ in Google Blogs.[with gratitude to my younger sister Gita]

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mohan said...

Dear Bala
I think the correct version is :
Devanamcha Rishinamcha
Gurum Kanchana Sannibham
Budhi Bhutam Trilokesham
Tam Namami Brihaspatim

This was given to me by my Vadhyar at Ahmedabad and i also checked with religious texts and websites.
Loved your blog, keep at it!