Saturday, August 8, 2009


All can read the above names and realise the very fact that their names too give away their intentions ,they are madly cunning and murderous towards humanity as a whole, but still the truth is people, were too ignorant and stupid to have fallen as victims of their cunning schemes.

I saw a Gandhi sibling publicly citing names of Muslims in such a way to mock them,the fact is he was the most stupid guy on earth. All those names uttered by him in a public rally [During Elections in India]such as Himanulla,Hidayatulla all ends with their gods name. I can vouch that they are mostly very nice people on earth,as their religions' colour which is green itself, is enough to prove their humane side and their goodness. BJP suffered very badly in elections is proof enough, that people are not as stupid as the guy who were calling out to divide humanity for personal gains for sure.I too am an Hindu and grew up along with quite a few nice muslim friends,so was the case with my father and fore fathers.

I request him to see the names of people mentioned in the title Madoff, the greatest crook of recent times, has looted from innocent and trusting people. Their only mistake was they failed to read the names correctly. If one takes those names mostly British in Origin are the most Brutish guys on earth. That very fact has been proved yet again when Mr.Murdock gave a statement saying that he intends to charge people for reading news online. Beware Here comes another cunning guy for sure.

People at times are so stunningly ignorant and mad themselves in their greed for more and more wealth, they have all been punished and Mr.Madoff was more direct in inviting them to fall in the trap than the guy who started a firm in the name "SATYAM" which means truth and then looted. But Madoff gave the sign and signal right from the word go and rightly made fools of the guys who may have thought they are the most intelligent guys on earth. So in my opinion Madoff deserves less punishment as he was direct in his approach while Satyam was trying to fool from the name itself. To me one of my greatest living Indian Hero is Mr.Abdul Kalam, the most decent and most truthful man on earth, I will vouch for him as the greatest among our leaders for sure. Yet the Yankees harassed him [Continental Airways],with a purpose of embarrassing him for having enlightened Indian populace that there is nothing to fear, as far as the 123 agreement was concerned, as we have our right to defend ourselves in "supreme National Interest". I am quite sure that must have been the reason for embarrassing him in such broad daylight.

thoughts of "solitairebala"

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