Monday, August 10, 2009


I have visited Arunachal pradesh up to Bomdila in the mid Eighties. My father too has gone there as part of the BRTF team to make roads in the Chinese border right after the 1962 Chinese aggression , when they invaded and reached up to Assam [Tezpur]. I was told by the locals in Assam, that the women did stay there to defend as the Indian military ran away without firing a shot ,hearing the propaganda that the Chinese are coming.
There was also the story that the British liberally supplied Opium to make the Assamese warriors dump and harmless. Perhaps the truth holds true even today,most of the land holdings in Assam [Tea Estates]is still with the British companies or benamies' rather the cloned Indians' by British to show the ownership as Indian.

The fact remains, the British are guilty of making the whole lot of generations dump by free supply of opium and alcohol. All the warrior tribals were made dump by such cruel acts of the British."AHOM" is the Buddhists' meditation term used as SA DA NA HUM . If one recites the mentioned MANTRA as sa da na hum repeatedly they you get the effect of KUNDALINI YOGA,refreshing all the cells in the body.

More over , ARUNACHALAM is the most common name used in South Indian state of Tamilnadu,which is rightly termed as the God's name LORD SHIVA, [ARUNACHALESWAR} etc.

In Sanskrit ARUNACHAL PRADESH means The place belonging to Arunachalam,who is lord Shiva himself.He is told to be residing in Kailash atop the Himalayan glaciers. What more proof does the Chinese needs. Do they have a name for the said place if yes, let them prove the meaning and the story behind the naming of the place.But the inhabitants there are mostly Lamas,who are Buddhists,who had fled red army to save their culture and life.

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