Thursday, September 22, 2011


Who can justify the Indian government allowing the very accused person, heading the agency called CBI,which is now fighting for their master as is natural. How can the truth come out when the very investigating agency, which is supposed to be the guardian of truth and justice is functioning right under the very accused who should have been removed long back, as his complicity is almost established, in the recent news and records. It was bound to come out in the public domain as the hugeness of the colossal loss said to be around Rs.176000/- Crores Rupees.What moral grounds do the government have to defend him.If the prime minister is adamant in defending him, then he too is part of the mass cover up going on. You are known by the company you keep.

All the arguments of presumptive[Loss] and the other one, the tele density being the reason for the mind blowing throw away price for such a scarce resource called the spectrum was sold,all are rubbish and the common man is not going to believe any more, such reasoning or arguments.One minister alone could not have done such a big job of massive magnitude.

Our people have been witnessing the covert and now very much open government policies of biased and blind support towards the few mega corporations in almost all lucrative fields to name a few of them will be Textile,mines,power,cement, fuel, Automotive,Building and Construction ,materials [ Almost from salt to the aviation sectors]and the latest being Cricket and the mass media tools such as mobile phones & connections along with Computers with world wide web connections. All these are in the hands of individuals,to name just a few are the following :-
Reliance,Tata,Birlas,Essar,Bharti[Airtel],also just imagine the Reddy Brothers, SunTV are all small fries in comparison.All actions of our government in the last few decades has been to help these individuals to grow,the argument of employment generation is so minimal and negligent because the total direct employees can be numbered only in hundred thousands at maximum in a country where there are 1.2 billion people, when we compare the loss for the exchequer which is huge. The rest of the population is losing all hopes of justice from any government so far seen after our independence, now it is clear as the bright sun shine on a warm summer day, when we see these people have been supported and the loot has been jointly done. Another clause being the FDI allowed up to 74%, which means the black money can be routed through foreign banks cited as foreign Direct Investment or perhaps the western interests being the ones behind FDIs or even our own politicians perhaps, may do it themselves with the help of tax havens and their banks.

It was done discreetly in earlier periods, but during the last decade it has been done so blatantly open,as we witnessed the minister of telecommunication [First Dayanidhi Maran]on the same stage with the above players, just prior to the controversies while the back ground work was being done,during the UPA regime and the selling of spectrum.What those scenes may convey to workers and officials of Nations' primary PSU [BSNL] can be imagined. But the only saving grace for our country has been our Public Sector Undertakings ,which stood the tests and managed to survive though,the Government share holding there too has been limited to 51% in most cases. Their mantra always has been privatization,why? because only then can they benefit more.

They were quoting our government undertakings making huge loss due to subsidies given in petroleum products,hence the price hike has become inevitable,but the fact is our Public sector undertakings Indian Oil Corporation made Rs.10998/- Crores profit in 2009-10., ONGC too has shown good profit. They say the Tax on petroleum products are 50%, while it is 30% for Diesel.The Government income was Rs.136000/-Crores in 2010-11 from petroleum products, while the subsidy has been only Rs.40000/- Crores. You can very well compare these figures and see how can a government afford to lose the above figure of Rs.176000/- Crores, which could have taken care of most of our populace come above the poverty line[ Let us not forget other big losses due to CWG].In 2009-10 period the Government gave tax exemptions or holidays to the tune of Rs.5.11 lacs Crores, out of which the Corporations which were already making huge profits were given Rs.88000/Crores. The Government still does not want the rich Corporates' to reduce their margin of profits, while the price & tax on petrol, Diesel & gas which affects our population wholly by having a spiraling effect on the prices of commodities as well, is made to pay more and more tax on them while the subsidy part cited by the government is hollow as can be seen from the figure given above.

How insensitive a government can be when they say the people who earns Rs.25-32/- per day is above the poverty line. Which means half a dollar a day makes him automatically above the poverty line.When Onion itself is costing Rs.10/-to Rs30/-at times, leave alone other provisions required and for instance the Doctors' consultation fee, even in rural area these days are nothing less than Rs.100/-. There has got to be a limit for stupidity,the minimum basic requirements or at least a full meal once a day, is nothing less than Rs.40/- in almost all vegetarian hotels in Coimbatore where I stay, forget Non vegetarian meals, which is always more than Rs.100/-

How silly and stupid for them to say the basic daily earning, to be reckoned as below poverty line, is only those who earns less than Rs.32/- per day. According to a rough estimate majority of our 1.2 billion population more than 60% is malnourished poor farmers and laboureres.They are reeling under below poverty line ,struggling to survive while few dozen individuals are in the Forbes rich list of one hundred richest people in the world.

Imagine the level of foolishness up to which a government can think [ I think it was the planning commission headed by the so called expert economists ] Let them just come out of their cosy air conditioned chamber and walk in to a Dhaba/Hotel and have a full meal to experience how much it costs for a single meal/thali a day, leave alone [six courses meals] three to six times daily. It is an insult to the intelligence of our population if they feel they can convince our countrymen by these kind of arguments. It is like mocking the unfortunate and a cruel joke on them.

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