Tuesday, September 20, 2011



We have witnessed the drama of our Indian government risking everything, in support of US nuclear Power Traders to the extend of losing their main ally's {Communists' who had around 60 Members of Parliament] support, and when the government was about to fall , they even arranged new allies, with the power brokers very liberal with paying and buying out MPs, themselves as well as their partners, who too were lobbying for the US interests such as Mr.Amar Singh etc.All the money spent and the new equation for governance have all proved to be blunders on top of more blunders for our ruling coalition.God is indeed great.

They did every thing in the book and out of syllabus stuff as well, all for nothing as god wished and decided to put a brake on them by the earth quake which happened in Japan, followed by the deadly tsunami which resulted in their nuclear power plant exploding and the nuclear disaster due to exposure of people to the radiation effect.They are yet to come out of their danger zone due to the grave danger of human as well as all living beings' exposure to radiation effects, which has been proved beyond doubt in Japan itself during World war II.

Even then our government and the business people from abroad tried to calm the nerves of Indians by saying that we are not in an earth quake zone hence , such danger is not going to happen in India. But what about tsunami that has happened in India in 2004. Also What about the Himalayan zone and North east to Kashmir region, that too is considered very sensitive and earth quake prone as proved yet again a few days back.

The damage has been done for the people started to revolt against the Nuclear power plants in different states, as their safety was not ensured by hollow blabbing of our politicians.Because the agitations against the nexus of political,corporate and Government servants, all started to come out in the open one by one. The recent People's demonstration in favour of the Janlokpal bill took center stage and the crooks were exposed in the process.

The Marxists and CPI must be satisfied for now, because after all they were against this power brokers any way right from the beginning.They have been proved right up to and extend. People will now start to listen to them better, as earlier they were projected as people against Indian supremacy and anti development and so on.

What an irony for those who wished to cash in on the big business of Nuclear Power,spent too much and now is not sure of getting their expected profits in the near future. Rightly so, because we know what happened to our Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims. Neither any Compensation has been paid, nor did the Judiciary in India give any punishment, which even to a pick pocket would have been more severe than what was given to those responsible for the mass deaths , It was baffling that they got Scot free, those who were culprits of the mass scale deaths only due to ignorance and negligence of the corporate house, no other county would have spared them as our judiciary and govt.did.

In recent human history while a great injustice was committed to the survivors and the effected populace of Bhopal, only because they were poor, and had no backing from any quarters,politicians,judiciary and Government servants all aligned with the corporate and saved the big fish.

As if adding insult to injury they have been awarded a big sponsorship deal by the British for their upcoming Olympics of 2012. Perhaps in gratitude for killing so many innocent and poor people of a poor country. Saying as if 'Well done guys keep it up'.

Oh god, what an irony and nightmare, for the haunted poor as they becomes the hunted as well.

May god punish the looters and save the poor.

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