Friday, September 16, 2011


Though we have been fed in with propaganda of 'shining India' 'emerging power India'. The great economists' such as Manmohan Singh & Mr.Ahluvalia along with great brains of Mr.Chidambaram,Pranab Mukherjee and company have in reality brought down India to such extends and levels only possible by the meanest of leaders who are selfish with high ego.

We all knows for sure it was not their policies which saved our country from utter disaster, but only god's interventions which made our nationalized Banks staying afloat in very good health during the crisis period starting from 2007 till date, in spite of all the efforts of all and sundry right from the starting of the era of Manmohanomics, when the western interests actually wanted to demolish the structure of our Banks with the help of all the Governments since then trying hard, to oblige their masters who were dictating economic policies from their corridors of power to be followed their waiting servants in India. But the unions of our Banks were well organised and resisted the efforts of privatizing these nationalized banks, to some extend the government yet succeeded by diluting the equity of the government and by giving licences for so many private banks, mostly money lenders of the worst kind. They not only succeeded in sucking the blood and sweat from our populace but it was done with the tacit government support is so obvious, as can be seen from the fact that RBI instead of controlling their unethical activities actually gave them cover, while they looted from the public.

We saw that they are at it again when they announced new licences to be given for private banks which can bring in FDI to the level of 74% in a period specified. These are not done to benefit the people of India on the other side is done to benefit the politicians along with those money lenders [perhaps both are the same who knows.]

The dumping of goods and services in Indian markets by western Markets along with cheap Chinese goods too encroaching every nook and corner of India, is so surprisingly allowed blindly by our government in the name of open markets, at the cost of destroying our budding industries, while our goods are not allowed to sell in China, because they put a ban on so many items to safe guard their industries, while we do exactly the opposite allowing other countries and their Industries to flourish by opening our markets to them, but in most occasions and items we don't get access to their markets because, they are concerned ,unlike our politicians who are hand in glove involved in the loot,the same can not be cited when it comes to China and so many other countries because they are selfless rather than selfish in these matters.

The modes operand i of western corporate bigwigs is different in the sense, they enter in to a partnership with some Indian entity, mostly corporate houses backed by politicians, and loot in the harvest from malls and mostly urban markets as has been witnessed till now along with banking which too, is done with Indian partners who may be silent or the Foreign partners who are silent in some cases, both do the squeezing together benefiting individuals and not countries for sure.

Amar singh could not have done the purchase of MPs alone, in Cash for Votes scam, for it was done to benefit the Manmohan singh government to hang on mainly, for the cause of American business lobby who wanted to enter our power trading market in a big way. The so called honest prime minister seems to be too innocent to see through or is too clever to play cards very close to his chest. For Whom and Why?

Let time answer those questions, which let us hope for not far away.

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