Sunday, September 25, 2011


This prayer is for the mentally challenged children/adults, whom I visited today in a remote corner of Coimbatore City in Tamilnadu [India].There were dozens of them with wide smiles welcoming us,my heart felt dearly for them, because life is a great challenge for them.The very survival/existence is very difficult, but I feel those ones chosen by the Christian Sisters are lucky in comparison with those who have not yet been found by these compassionate Sisters, who lives for these unfortunate children of god in obscurity. I am also sure there are millions of such handicapped children and adults living all around the globe ignored by the society.

Not only they live in dignity but are also creative, as I witnessed the products made by them from safety pins to wonderful flower vases and other replicas made out of plaster of Paris and clothes along with waste cotton etc.They also sang well in praise of the good lord very nicely in tandem which was very touching.

Those Sisters are helping them to be able to live independently by teaching them from the basics from how to brush their teeth, wash them selves and also how to eat with the help of spoons etc.I was told some among them do not even realize when they are hungry,while some others are unable to walk by themselves. I felt that god is with them because there are still some among our population who does really good work such as taking care of these helpless people.But the Charity they were getting mainly from Italy has almost stopped coming, making them look after their own funding and other help required.

These Christian Sisters needed to be helped otherwise we will be doing great injustice to our own fellow human beings who are unfortunate and is going through a tough period.

Those who wanted to help may contact the following address or Phone No:-

COTTLENGO SISTER'S TRUST,[Rehabilitation Centre for Mentally Challenged Children]
Sowripalayam Post,

Phone No.91 0422 2575074.

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