Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Recently I saw Mr.Mani Shankar Aiyar, showing off with mastery over his/our past masters' language, as if he ,being a product of a particular college was , a master while the present sports Minister, from a different college does not have his vocabulary in a language which is not our mother tongue. So stupid and snobbish. These guys are still in the mode to prostrate in front of their masters' [ Past,present and future for them.] and takes pride in knowing a language which belongs to a barbarian tribe, who not only looted from around the globe but even made human beings slaves [People who did such deeds must have been insane and crazy.] and ruled as a colonial power with the power of guns alone, they could not have been so successful in ruling us for so long but for guys like the above mentioned ones, kneeling in front of them and taking proud of what ever is connected to them, rather than looking in to our own back ground and greatest culture with a master language such as Sanskrit.I would have been the first person to applaud him had he shown the same command over Sanskrit, the mother of almost all languages or even Latin which too was the master language from which, most of the European languages originated from.

English do have its reach around the globe for sure, along with French and Spanish as well, and there is no harm in learning languages, which has wide readership and through which we can communicate to a lot of people around the globe. That was pure circumstantial evolution due to the colonialism and empires built through brute force of the Gun, and has nothing do do with the greatness of the said languages.The British made a lot of Typists' from the ilk of Mr.Aiyar's clan, to do their writing job for easy communication around their vast colonial areas around the globe and reporting to their Kings and Queens, which must have been the reason for the rise of these guys , who thought being the rulers' servant with a knowledge of their rulers' language has its merits in getting the appreciation of their masters in those era, which can also enable them to make a quick buck. But the truth now is the Brutish masters have left our country since 1947, and it is time you come out of your hangover and face the reality, which is present day India, with most of the younger generation populace born free, unlike our forefathers who were born under rulers who were foreigners.

Due to pure administrative reasons we have to put up with English as a common umbrella wide enough, to cover our whole country with different languages in each states,that is our compulsion for the time being.

But going to the extend of ridiculing our own culture and great languages of India is an insult to our country. Knowledge of English alone no way indicates greatness or nobleness.Using the language to get a message across to the people who understand only English is perhaps OK. But if you are showing off with your ability and vocabulary in English in front of, for instance,the Adivasis in remote villages or the North Indians who has their own mother tongue, which is spoken by almost vast majority in India, is the biggest joke and most snobbish act as one can surely see.

The real knowledge is not about the power of a language,but the content written in the languages [Such as Vedas and Upanishads in Sanskrit] Which can not be learned fully in a lifetime even if you keep learning for a hundred years [maximum for a human being]. Even if you learn the whole Vedas and Upanishads, it is still only three handfuls of sand if you compare knowledge as a whole, equals to the mass of earth.So it can be easily assumed that, how little we all know rather than how much we know.

Under the above circumstances, it would be prudent on the part of the so called great leaders to distance them selves from glorifying what ever is English in life, and get to know what is Indian instead for our roots are these very Indian languages and our vast cultural and scientific heritage, which is perhaps not known to those, who call themselves the custodian of the English language. First be a true Indian before being a great Scholar of English,for we live and belong to India.

I am proud of being an Indian and if given a chance to have a choice, would still choose India as my birth place in my next birth,because I am convinced about the greatness of our country and also wish to learn Sanskrit the language of gods in my next life.

Who cares after all whether your English is perfect or not. I am not writing this to please the English Queen or the snobs in England or their clones in India. My purpose is to get this message across that real knowledge lies right here in India, hidden in our own scriptures look inside our country to know more, rather than looking out to your past masters who has all looted more than enough from us and gone.

Mera Bharath Mahan 'solitairebala'

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