Tuesday, September 27, 2011


People naturally are getting more suspicious about the ruling UPA2,which has, very keenly and urgently, followed their agenda of privatizing all Public Sector Undertakings or when opposed,tried diluting Govt. shares to favour the big corporates' to get bigger and bigger, at the cost of the poorest. We feel they have more skeletons in their cupboard than any previous government in Indian history. There are sure powerful brokers backing them, and one of the king pin is our Home minister himself. By throwing his weight behind him our prime minister no more has the benefit of doubt of being innocent any more, as he is clearly following the diktats of his unknown beneficiaries. Our country and people have the right to know the reasoning's behind most of their actions.

The strong support for the Home minister by the prime minister underlies the fact that he too was party to the conspiracy, the only difference might have been that he came to know about it after it was done and the file was closed, as mentioned by the former Finance minister.

He is blaming the opposition getting restless, but in real it is the people who are getting restless and the haste of UPA2 in pursuing their policy, of selling our countries' resources is the most disturbing trend, because they still could not complete their job fully hence,they need another couple of years to do it.

The people strongly feel the Supreme Court is the only authority left to check this mass scale corruption being done in the name of coalition 'Dharma'. What moral authority they are left with, to talk about 'Dharma' & 'Satya'or it is becoming such a joke. Do they really know the meaning of those words .It is known to all the right thinking countrymen of India. The enemy is with in, and the very guys who are supposed to be the saviors are the villains, as is becoming very clear. The very agency [CBI]who should be following the investigation is right under the guy who did it. Will they dare question their own master at the peril of their jobs.

May god save our country.

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