Wednesday, October 2, 2013

U S must take bold steps for stability of their country and the world as a whole.

Being the country who owns UN,World Bank,IMF, etc; all have an international role to play,it should have been dealt with kid gloves. Blocking the budget is simply not the way forward.Spending for the health of populace should not be opposed so vehemently.It is the bare minimum a government can do for their countrymen along with shelter and food.

The collapse of negotiation is not at all going to help matters.They must realise their true potential and act accordingly.Theirs' is a rich country with abundance of wealth, we have not seen gold in such forms as was found there. The greed of American business men mainly ,Jews and others cloning them,  is the only problem they are facing.No one should be allowed to grow in such proportion as was seen in US,with corporate clout influencing the decision making for their profits alone, at the cost of other countrymen who, will naturally suffer because the rich ones do not share, even when they see their fellow countrymen die due to the struggle for survival.

It was totally wrong to have given them the so called American dream,which almost made their people go crazy after materialism.How ever rich, you can be never be satisfied, for, you will always want more,because there are always costlier stuff that one goes after one after another,by the time they realise their folly,their life is almost over. They die thinking that it was a sinful life they led,which not only affects others, but is a curse on their future generations also, because they inherits wealth without earning it the hard way. The chances are 99 out of 100 will become spend thrifts and drug addicts. When you become a hopeless addict of substances,you may get paranoid and the result is the mass shooting spree we saw, almost every month, happening in Schools and other social places as well.

For instance the mass killings around the world has been so easily done, without an iota of sympathy, for those killed in the wars, the only result is you kill millions and the arms lobby make fortunes out of the graveyards all around the world. What is it for? Who is it for?  if all the fortune is not utilized for the benefit of good health of the people. The meaningless massacres have its negative effect for generations to come.Because those who lose their loved ones will always come after you, no matter how mighty you may be.

After Jesus Christ was crucified,their sober guys among Jews realised the enormity of the sin they committed, by doing it to the lord himself.For generations after generations they wandered and went towards northern Europe as gypsies while, settling in several European countries en route to Russia.Perhaps due to their wanderer status,their minds made them think they are insecure, without a home, they started to amass wealth mainly through cut throat money lending, the only business where you can make hell of a lot of money easily,on the other side the curse also accumulates due to their cruel practice of recovery.That alone must have been the reason for Germans who, killed almost 7 million Jews during the second world war.

When you have such a background history, you should be more wiser, because the way to salvation is not wealth.It is the happiness you get while you help people survive due to your effort alone, lifting the ones in misery. That simple rule, if one follows without eying on profits alone,is enough in the eyes of god to give you eternal bliss.  

Let us pray for their well being,our new pope is a nice soul, he must lead the folks for a better way of living.Most of all they need spiritual health and knowledge to purify their mindset.Look at those Sanyasis [genuine ones] in India who lead a blissful life without money at all. Their thoughts and deeds are only to help humanity as a whole [LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU]             

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